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Greatest discoveries with bill Nye will take you to a new way into the world of Biology. Learn all subtleties and a great start with Professor bill Nye.


ليلى مازن ألتميمي says:

الفئران وأسلاف البشر E
I have questions about the evolutionary theory of ancestors About human ancestors
1-Have reptiles evolved into rats? What are the rings of evolution? We need to know the names and forms of evolving organisms from reptiles to mice
2. Have the mice evolved into a monkey? What are the rings of evolution? We need to know the names and forms of evolving organisms from mice to monkeys
3 – that mice are small sized how to be a mediator between reptiles and monkeys ?!!!!

.Please send these three questions to naturalists and biologists

TheDirtyPotato says:

hi me hutton

Nico Milano says:

Bill is a savage

redbaroniii says:

Bill Nye the pseudo-science guy.

Ally Omar, Jr says:


Dior Dedushi says:

when was the video originally made… (not posted) because if you look in the beggining of the video they have the 1990's- 2000's desktops… just wondering 😉

MrAubery says:

Sooooo these scientists masturbated and did the science on the jizz?  What other spooge experiments were there?  Did they try it with crackers and cheese? Hybridization?  Wacky wall crawler races perhaps? Go-Go-Gadget-GOO !  What they're not saying is they also stuck their fingers up their butt for a closer look at the Mars bars. Dr. Brownfinger got crappy results, but invnted the Dirty Sanchez & Ecoli all at the same time.  Got MILK ?

Noe Guzman says:

have you know this

killopkie says:

Love you Bill! Keep it up!

Edward Payne says:

Any evolutionist, if they had seen the scientific evidence there is today before being indoctrinated into evolution they would never have believed evo as truth. All science can be and is being taught today without the mention of evo and that's what makes it a religion by indoctrination of blind faith with out a shred of evidence.So how did so many supposedly intelligent men get so deceived."Because they would not accepted the truth God sent then a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.2 Thes,2-11

Edward Payne says:

The theory of evolution is just that, a unproven theory, evo's believe by faith because they were not there to see it and until today science has not proven it.Just as Christian's who believe by faith we were created by a Almighty God, evo's believe we came from soupy rocky chemical toxic water over billions and billions of yrs. We believe Jesus died for our sins and rose again to intercede for us, evo's believe in transition species they have never found, but at least we have a written record, the Bible.

Edward Payne says:

evo's make claims like, every scientist believes in evolution, that is just not true, many once evo. believers no longer accept evolution as truth or fact. And there are 1000s of creation and intelligent design scientist who do not believe in evo.Evo is a belief not science , evo has never been science, just as Christians believe by faith, evolution is a religion that you believe by faith. It is the scientific evidence of today that has proven beyond any doubt that evo was and is a impossibility .

paul skillman says:

So these life forms are probably on Mars & the moons of Jupiter, and anywhere and moisture and heat exists.

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