Top 5 Best High-end Smartphones (2017)

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Hello friend’s here is the top 5 best smartphones.All smartphones Have Great Design And Performance.As technology moves forward and smartphones are become more powerful, their ability to do more has increased. In recent times, flagship smartphones are featuring almost 6GB of DDR4 RAM which more than the RAM available on a normal laptop. While you may be using a 1080p Television at home, the screen resolution on the best smartphones have moved onto 2K. Not just that, the camera quality is coming nearer to DSLRs with each new smartphone. However, all these phone do come at premium price. So, here are the top 5 best smartphones you can buy in India. Our list of the Best Phones to buy in India in for January 2017

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Jay Ryan Rodriguez says:

samsung is the best phone in the world

Elena Bezzina says:

what's with the opra thou?

siddhartha sarkar says:

where is htc u11?

male nasty says:

chinese???? no way never!! awefully 'phone' holly cow..garbage

CineRaphael says:

this is like buying a porsche over a honda

P.G.C βαd.ëñd says:

Candeza 12gb ram,1TB storage and 60 megapixel camera

Adamariene Clorex says:

Looks like China is getting ahead on making smartphones, let's just hope they're not fake.

Simon Schaller says:

Why a Porsche

Stas L. says:

where is huawei p9 ?

fuad khan says:

Over All which is the best Sony Xperia XZ premium Or Samsung galaxy s8+

jeremy low says:

Snapdragon 653 is considered as high end? wtf is this channel thinking?

sindeyev583 says:

Это Asus хороший аппарат? Вы что из колхоза?

Shankar N says:

don't know why I hate Samsung mobile s

air03031989 says:

i so damn love my Samsung s7 edge… the best fon to date

Blessing Osawaru says:

I love the second one.

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