President Donald Trump blasts ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un in UN General Assembly 2017 address

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The president had harsh words for leaders of North Korea, Iran, Syria Venezuela in the first speech to the United Nations General Assembly of his presidency.

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play power by oppressive games and create a republican politician in an Atlantic or Pacific state, its time to fight back against the Democratic oppressors.

alan jones says:

what a great president

Donald Trump says:

Stupid rocketman……

jan van boxsel says:

he lies, lies, lies…
he denies, denies and denies..

for russia spies, spies, spies…..
he tries, tries and tries

to bend what is wrong
always his same distorted song

dumb and narcissistic
his pseudobrain in his dick

the depth of a duck
trump, what the fuck
you are a total imbecile
why not take a soothing pill
get lost, go away
america and world, what do you SAY ?

Ludwig M says:

I think you can just switch characters and it makes more sence.

Ok… i think i understand, he does not adress the people in the room, because that would be very Orwellian speach if he did. He is adressing the shaddow government of his own country, he tries to show them what the US is by projecting it on others.

Joseph Raymond says:

I am a Chinese. I have been supporting and loving President Trump since the election campaign 2016. If my comment could be read by Americans, I hope that you can realize what a great president you have chosen. This man is the envoy of God to make America better and stronger. Best wishes to President Trump,Best wishes to America people,Best wishes to the relationship between China and America.

Zijad Lendo says:

sheads a tear freedom intensifies

Tobias Lindstrom says:

Donald trump is embarrassing all white people.

Simer says:

Why don't you divide this video in clips so you can't make bored some people? I don't want to be bad but can you do it for me, please?

Woody Hutton says:

"…I did not threaten to annihilate North Korea! It's bullshit! I did nahht!!! O, hi U.N General Assembly."

الاميره ر says:

Mr. president I hope you read this .
when you won presidentiality I went to down town Chicago and your trump tower was packed slot of people were trying to rent rooms suits. I finally was able to rent a whole luxury suit where I felt like heaven on earth. the view was stunning the style was high class you are defenetly o la la high class classy president . I love your business I just hope that you expand your business of hotels and luxury all over the world. we need that very much .

f willis says:

Donald duck is just a troublesome, who likes making trouble and fight everywhere. the 3rd world war will be coming soon.

Jakub Piteľ says:

I am Slovak and am ashamed of our UN chairman (the guy that introduced trump) his english and pronunciation are both horrible

Rick Boyer says:

Cum Jung Un is a pussy

Gos wo says:

Finally a strong, fair and clear leader. Thank you. Respect

Sun Rise says:

Donald Trump is Trash. Fuck him.

Not Ur Business says:

Amazing speech, greets from Kosovo.

Ian Mark Izatt says:

As A Man Who Believes In The 45TH President, May I Remind You Of The Importance Of Maintaining Regular Exercises, Yoga And Stretching, And Sauna And Steam And A Body Massage Therapist.25 Minutes for Each Subject I Have Mentioned, The Discipline Of A Quorn-Diet And Salads With Herbs And Olive oil, And 1000 Mg Omega Capsules 3 Times A Day. The Art If Eating Flat Bread, And Swimming.Amen Mark

Han Liu says:

Nuclear Winter is coming, when our chinese greatwall falls, The night king from north will rules…… Jon Jin Ping and Daenerys Trump , are your ready to make love ?

Shubham Deshmukh says:

President Trump is so hard on N.Korea because he wanted to increase this approval rating which was 40% in August.And he doing well on N.korea his ratings increase to 43%.That is very nice job by Trump he manage to increase by 3%.

Ayman Zawahiri says:

all the worlds problems are caused by defense spending. rulers spend all their tax payers' money on weapons to arm themselves and force impoverished people to serve in the military.

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