Robson Green Grand Slam Fishng: Homer, Alaska

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Series 1 – Episode 10: In the final episode, Robson is in Seward going for his Alaskan Grand Slam, where he must catch three species of fish from a set list in a single day. But first he’s training in Homer where the fishing is good and the halibut are absolutely enormous. Alaska seems to provide the best conditions to help him to Grand Slam glory. (10 Mar. 2017)


Logjam5 says:

Entertaining program.

charles staniszewski says:

Vidiooo!!!!!! More

Bruce f says:

Don't make Orca's into some monster . Bad editing , Never heard of a Orca attacking a fishing boat. give me a break

siu ken says:

what model and brand of your fishing reel ?

Brandis56 says:

Wired in the Blood His fishing show is just as good Thx Robson

blah says:

Sure would have been nice to have sound all through, how many fish is one person allowed in Alaska water?

Smirk says:

Self proclaimed "one of the best fisherman in the world" lololololol

Wiki Brass says:

Robson Green! Your a typical English wanker. You know F/A about fishing, your a spoilt sick dork!!!

manny bomotano says:

hi what rod you using for this big fish?

Kurt Refvik says:

How many lines in water? I would call that trawling.

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