My CT scan results after 6 rounds of chemo – Metastatic Breast Cancer (lungs)

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Fast forward to today, after 6 rounds of chemo (sorry I haven’t had time to edit and upload my vlogs but I’ll definitely go back in time later), I finally receive my CT scan results which determine whether or not I need more chemo, or if I can move on to hormone therapy… the results? POSITIVE!!! My 6th round was finally, MY LAST!!!

In this video I show the anxiety a cancer patient gets waiting for results. It’s tough to watch but it’s real!

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Mänđä Čönjüřë says:

Holy shit ugly skin head nigger hooker bitch

Sandra D Tv says:

no more chemo God is so good

ES Hart says:

Whether you know it or not, you really are an inspiration.

Linda White says:

wishing you the best!

classy J says:

God bless. No more chemo. I pray for the best. God gave you strength of Lion to beat this a second time. No more in Jesus name

Michelle-Lee White says:

That's awesome, Nalie!

Vanessa Amaya says:

I don't have breast cancer at all, and that is why I was being told by my idiot family to keep my boobs because they are big. I have big boobs and I love to make breast cancer girls jealous, because I don't have breast cancer, and it's fun to laugh at survivors dying.

Fatou Alhassan26 says:

You are coming to your break through…plz dont stop baby. Ask Archangel Michael for protection n support. I know you will make it! But yes listen to your body…if you need to rest…rest but your there baby…congrats in advance

michellebelle says:

I cant wait to see you dance the night away at your wedding <3 I just found out about your story, and you're so inspiring and are helping so many people. Thank you!


This is insane because I was randomly watching your video weeks ago just to have my mom get the same prognosis as you recently. There was literally no reason for me to be watching videos relate to breast cancer. So little is known about this disease. You'd think more would be known since breast cancer is so well-known. I don't think it was by chance that I found you. IDK what it means yet but I'm sending you prayers and love and hope during this difficult journey. God bless.

Cynthia Maddox says:

Congratulations hunni I'm happy for you!!! Remain strong you got this and your blogs helped me get through mine

Carie Olivieri says:

I know….what it feel .. I am one of those.. now the waiting.. pray that for you does not come back and for me also.

Squaw D says:

Thank you for sharing your journey! I was diagnosed with breast cancer December 2016 and I'm in the middle of my journey. It helps to see what other women are experience and know I'm not alone with the chemo side effects and fears. Thank you for your bravery. Many blessings to you!

Amy Dong says:

You're truly Inspirational & brave I'm so happy you're chemo free!! Went to Dr with my sister today after her mastemocmy surgery & 16 chemotherapy, Dr told us today she has stage 3 cancer from pathology report, that we will need to see radiation oncologist & I'm really scared for her but I have to look strong in front of her. Please keep her in your prayers.

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