Most Savage Moments in Sports History

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M.A.A.D City – Kendrick Lamar

With Them – Young Thug


Chase Jones says:

Someone please what's the name of the second somg

ḭḉḕẇṏḶḟ says:

What is the second background song

Davide Surilie says:

Meh. Other than Pippen dunkin' over Ewing, savage level not high enough!

Soviet WRX says:

garage ass music ruined it

Cody S. says:

So, savage means scoring points? That's all this video implies. These were hardly savage.

Corderrius Stevenson says:

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Beast mode, on.

alexander lambert says:

pc complain concerned undermine victim absorb landing wealth

Matt D says:

why do yall insist putting this shit "rap" music over otherwise quality videos? the second nigga sounds like he's having a fucking seizure or something. fucking goofy ass shit. idk how yall listen to that shit.

Bsmith7096 says:

You ruined the video with the background music

IIJG27Rich says:

Spoiled idiots

Sam Coatsworth says:

No need for the dumb music

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