#askMIT: What does the future of nuclear science look like?

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“What does the future of nuclear science look like?” Find out from Sarah Don, a graduate student in Nuclear Science and Engineering and a senior operator at the MIT Nuclear Reactor. (http://web.mit.edu/nrl/www/)
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Ezra Epirus says:

So you stated that the reason "we don't have more reactors is because they are expensive, so how would you have "them on every street corner"? Also how will that type of device be under any protection from explosion or subversion?

ImagineBaggins says:

How does the future of LFTRs look? From what I've read of them, they seem almost too good to be true. Is it also a $ problem there, or is there some practicality issue that's preventing them from seeing mainstream implementation?

Solehin Sabtu says:

Thank you for setting your time aside for us to catch a glimpse! With love from Singapore

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