High Risk Surgery: What is Best for the Patient

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High risk surgery case selection poses a difficult challenge to develop the best care plan for patients undergoing high risk procedures, or for patients who are high risk based on their individual profile facing surgery. Medical and ethical considerations need to balance the chance for improved quality of life while considering the full impact to the patient in terms of physical, emotional and financial health. Additionally, the impact to the healthcare organization should be considered as resources become increasingly scarce. What once was a narrow discussion surrounding risks, benefits and alternatives to the patient now requires a more complete analysis of all the interests involved for patients to make a fully informed decision whether to proceed with high risk surgery.

The Risk Authority will explore this complex medical issue with the assistance of expert panelists. This webinar will provide an overview of the concept of high risk surgery as it exists in the current medical-economic environment and in light of today’s healthcare consumer. It will provide a framework within which an organization can better assist a patient to make a fully informed decision while assessing its opportunities to reduce risk of loss and create value for the benefit of the medical community it serves.


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