The Greatest Innovations In Formula One

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rccarmadben says:

makes you proud to be from norfolk

Zombie4416 says:

also its the "nurburgring", not the "nuremburgring"

Cameron Sours says:

Carbon ceramic brakes will probably not be appropriate for normal cars – the brakes' effects are substantially lowered before they warm up.

Ignafiltro Sanchez says:

Id wish there was a formula without those rules. It would be fun to see inventions like the fancar, it would also aid into creating more technologies for other uses.

Zombie4416 says:

"ker manufacteres" you say car like ker

MrJanizPetke says:

6:25 first DRS

Corey Jordan says:

Jim Hall's Chaparral 2E debuted in 1966, not 1963. Also, it was a Can-Am racer, not an Endurance car. For that, Hall introduced the Chaparral 2F in 1967. While the 2F was the fastest car in the European endurance series, it did not win LeMans…. Hall also introduced the Chaparral 2J in 1970, the first effective fan car. It was so fast that it was banned… Brabham's fan car came along much later. Hall also introduced side mounted radiators on the 2E, which allowed him to design the front of the car for more downforce. This design employed a ducted wing buried in the nose of the car. It functioned in conjunction with the tall suspension mounted wing in the rear. Since the 2E had a torque converter gear box without a clutch, a pedal was installed in the cockpit to be operated by the driver's left foot. When the pedal was not pushed, the rear wing was set to its max downforce position and the front wing's duct was open. When on a straight where minimum drag was desired, the driver depressed the pedal. This set the rear wing's angle of attack to near zero relative to airflow. The pedal also shut the front wing's duct and directed the air flow under the car. Jim Hall was 5 years ahead of Colin Chapman and all of F1…. To learn more about Jim Hall's innovative Chaparrals, visit my Pinterest Chaparral page here:

HypnoticCrab says:

May's Porsche is the most because thing I've seen.

Avinash Singh says:

Loved the way you pronounced CAR..

Joehie Ashraffi says:

That's not how you pronounce Porsche… they released a video on how to pronounce it a long time ago.

Ultra light says:

Its porsch-A not porsch

Thepowerfulkiller says:

1:44,is that gta v with extreme enhanced graphics?

Mike Butt says:

Active ride suspension?

Kitty キティ says:

I long big wings

spamboli says:

you missed the boat about the Lotus 78. it was the sidepods which had an inverted wing profile as well as side skirts to seal it in.

John Smith says:

Before this video, I thought of racing as a silly waste of time and stupidly risky. Glad to see there's a grand (though unintentional) purpose to it.

Prometheus says:

It seems like there would be a lot more innovation if there were less dumb and arbitrary regulations

Kim F. Wendel says:

And most of them weren't even from Formula 1

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