The Fastest Lap in F1 History: Montoya at Monza

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On his flying lap around Monza in 2004, Colombia’s Juan-Pablo Montoya averaged almost 163 mph.

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Ay Kay says:

one of our lost f1 champs, but he was a guy who did not take bullshit , suppose the f1 circus pissed, well done to him anyway

MrGiboz24 says:

0:51 The sound of power

RorysIrishTour says:

monza is just classic high speed action. i love that circuit.

chiqitachaser says:

Frank williams was like: "meeeh it's an ok lap"

Joseph M says:

1:17 no lift, The down force on that car, wow!

Phillip Meißner says:

Wenn ich das sehe das er so eine Zeit mit Rillen Reifen und ohne DRS gefahren ist und das man heute mit Drs und Slicks nicht solche zeiten fährt traurig

Ariff says:

butthurt, butthurt everywhere

Antonis Dettor says:


Drummercommander says:

That sound… simply amazing!

hoplite46 says:

Frank Williams " Oh thatt,ll do"

Sven Palupsky says:

that isnt the fastest lap ever the fastest lap ever was schumacher in spielberg (austria)

Cameron Dicus says:

too bad he couldnt drive a nascar car

Nino Štemberga says:

holy crap…262 km/h average speed

Allan Jr Fernandez says:

Even though the new F1 are more advanced, they can't even defeat this lap record

Eric Zhu says:

V10 sounds fuckin unbelievable!!!
V6 Turbo is fuckin piece of trash

Pissed Bob Ross says:

Montoya ass-fucked Ascari

SZR Lemac says:

Bring the v10 back :(

thecloz23 says:

you can really hear how fast they were going

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