Shell Scripting Tutorial

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Code and Transcript Here :

Best Book on Shell Scripting :

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In this one video I’ll cover Vim, Input, Output, Variables, Math, Functions, Executing Python Functions, Conditionals, Strings, Arrays, Looping, Positional Parameters, Parameter Expansions and a whole lot more.

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collins A says:

… and a linux,bsd, solaris tutorial. Just find tuts on them so boring.

collins A says:

Could you create an emacs, vim, jedit tutorial?

张铁男 says:

Plenty information.

&CS CEH says:

anyone like me using kali … will need to type this …..
bash ./hello_word
or whatever is the name of the file .

Herbi Shtini says:

Is there anything you don't know?! I have been following your work for over 4 years and I was wondering if you are a developer or teacher/professor? Thank you for your great work


ja sriram

Kaushik Biswas says:

Is there any way to find the total time taken in complete execution of a bash script…. I am referring to scripts that have a large amount of iterative logic or needs to iteratively analyse data from files within the Linux filesystem or environment.

Kaushik Biswas says:

You are fantastic!

Eric says:

nevermind I figured it out.
and just in case anyone else had the same problem here is the answer:

Eric says:

sir, when I try to run the hello_world with ./hello_world, terminal spits out " bash: ./hello_world: Permission denied." help plz and thank you.

Breezy Badaboom says:

Hi Derek! I'm new to scripting, just got a linux and learned a lot of the command line basics but I'm having difficulties following along with you here. Something pops up when I type "vim test:" E297 write error in swap file. It also wasn't working when I tried to save the file.. Do you have any suggestions for me to learn about the basics of scripting before jumping into something like this? (I've already read your articles on HTML).

Lapin Blanc says:

Great videos, Derek
100 miles per hour, but short enough to watch in one sitting. Best tutorials on YouTube :)

Ciri says:

My Computer Environments Lecturer has a PhD and yet doesn't understand the fundamentals of this. He overcomplicates it unnecessarily. Exams in two weeks time, hopefully I'll do fine!

arpita behura says:

hi Derek

can you pls make a video on how to access oracle db from bash??

it would help a lot. thanks in advance

Qadehar Potter says:

thx dude very useful tutorial

OverloadedCore says:

could you do a video on computer theory and/or how the really deep parts of computers work
i know this stuff already but im rubbish at explaining. you arent though so this might be quite usefull for the people that cant count on me to explain something :)

Supetorus says:

I am using the git bash download for windows, but it doesn't work even for the first command to install vim. Am I doing something wrong or can I just not use windows for this?

NARWA says:

No offense (since I really appreciate you refreshing me) but seriously are you sure you are not the programs you are writing? :)

Leonardo Brocchi says:

so is the command line?

dj brown says:

ok, i love your content and we must be twins because of our first name

Idontknow says:

I feel like having unlimited power after watching this video, Thanks Derek!

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