How Software is Made

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The basics of how software is created in the industry today.

Topics covered: Software, Binary, Source Code, Programming Language, Compiling, Revision Control, Bugs, Proprietary, and Open Source.

What’s inside of a Rubik’s Cube:
What’s inside of a hard drive:

Example of Source Code (@0:32)
Blender 2.68 – GPC_Engine.cpp

Open Source Software mentioned (@3:00)
Open Office

Narration by Whitney Owen
Music: “For All You Know” by RW Smith (Youtube audio library)
Sound Effect: “Swoosh” by bareform (

Made with Blender 2.74


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Carlton Seymour says:

fantastic video Jared. What software did you use to make this video. Thank You

setio ryski says:

i still not understand why this video just lviewed by thousand people, it worth hundred thousand viewer

Sharath Thomas says:

a very nice illustration of how a software works…. Good work!!

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