Formula One – Secret Life HD [Full Documentary]

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Secret Life of Formula One
Full Documentary
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Angelum Band says:

51:20 Big cockroach walking on the screen… or car lol.

Luqmanul Hakim says:


Bhopinder Mahal says:

Judging by the cars and drivers this was filmed approximately 18 years ago and focused on Williams. Mercedes probably hadn't even won any world titles with McLaren when this was filmed.

Victor Droid says:

The creepy background (foreground) music ruins your video. Can you remove it?

Mudder Fukker says:

"Compaq" as an advertiser?? Damn this must be old video…

cheddergetter says:

is it technology that won the race or the driver?

Pawel M says:

which part of it is HD??? RUBBISH

randy109 says:

No Roll Bar, 1/2 Helmet, short sleeved shirts…  Now everything is about Safety.  I get it but you must respect these heroic drivers simply for the Danger.  When I first watched Auto Racing in the 1960's it was still ridiculously dangerous.  I hate seeing anybody injured, but it was hair raising and kept you on the edge of your seat when it was crazy dangerous.  I built a '66 Mustang and two 1969 Roadrunners in the mid 1970's and unless actually racing we never even wore lap belts…

key2010 says:

1:35:25 … boy was he wrong … now drones do all the killing, no human needed in.

Natural Kikstand says:

Not HD………

Ebdg Brown says:

Its not HD.

Rafael Borges says:

HD = Highly Disapointing

Jay says:

HD, why are there more and more people putting HD in their tilte but they're all 360P !!!!!!!!

Carl Jackson says:

It's top gear.. you expect anything less?

Brynner P says:

Good job at ignoring Ferrari in F1 history. This documentary was a bit too British centric.

Patriot360 says:

Bernie Ecclestone is a supercilious yet frivolous cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Róbert Orosz says:

whats the background music at 10:00?

GilB ProjeKT says:

really cool channel mate subbed

Victor Suro says:

Hey! I remember I saw this, but it was a 5 or 6 episodes of 1hr in tv. and then they released this CD of 1 hr

Shane White/skunk says:


Extraordinare says:

not HD lame shit

stormbringerr mourn says:

lately Mercedes seems to dominate f 1.

stormbringerr mourn says:

lately Mercedes seems to dominate f 1.

jdghgh says:

Disappointed that no mention of French racing was given. Sure the Germans were dominant in the 30s, but the French were the pioneers of motor racing.

nobody knows says:

Ferrari is by far most winning engine, not the British, what a propaganda.

Emmanuel Goussot says:

And what does not matter anymore is the TV. Since the internet has taken over with more secure analytic over the ROI. Audience is lame. F1 has to look at sports, major sports which have lost most of its sense in the last centuries. This is not athletics so there are very few people who can relate.

elstyr says:

25:40: Just Beer :D

salman khan says:

best era v12 massive power and noise love it

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