Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge : Tanzania

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Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing Challenge – Serie 3; Episode 2 : Tanzania (10 January 2014)
Featured fishes: Rainbow runner, Wahoo, Skipjack tuna, Dolphin, Ruby Snapper, Rusty Jobfish, Longhorn cowfish, Yellowfin goatfish, Dusky Grouper, Snapper, Hippopotamus, African elephant, Crocodile, Nile tilapia, Nile perch


F3Footballer says:

ur swahili is so bad!!!

F3Footballer says:

u r pretty cocky but i really like u

Adrian Indermaur says:

That so called Nile tilapia is actually a red belly tilapia (Coptodon rendalli)

jasperic tan says:

hahahaha.. is so funny! very very entertaining. Robson Green u are awesome.!

warayut leukanchanawung says:

can you up load your VDO to HD? ^^

jesmore84 says:

Thank you Dyan! I am so happy that you have posted these. Many I hadn't seen. Thank you for all your videos-keep up the good work, please. I'm lost here in the US without you and YouTube.

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