Stem Cells and the Future of Medicine – Research on Aging

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(Visit: Lawrence Goldstein, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and the Department of Neurosciences at UCSD School of Medicine, as well as the Director of the UCSD Stem Cell Program, discusses the basic principles of stem cells. He examines the promise they offer and how they can be safely and effectively employed. Series: “Stein Institute for Research on Aging” [9/2012] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 23254]


Nuca Labadze says:

omg he refers to 'The Graduate'

BB says:

+ University of California Television (UCTV), This video is from 2012 and there must have been other conferences/ seminars on stem cells since this time!?

It is nearly 2017, there must be an upcoming conference or a conference that has been done since this video of 2012. Please post any updated videos of stem cell therapy/transplants when conferences happen.

Kreuzritter Geschäfter says:

Always talking, no development no solution, no action. You talking jaws all are imbeciles. Even childrfen can do that for decades.

Atam Sehgal says:

One of the best presentation i have heard in a long time. it should be made available to biology schools

Caramello98 says:

A fantastic lecturer speaking in layman terms. The miracle cures of the future will come from this stem cell therapies.

Trent Hogan says:

Why nations spent 10+ BILLION on a particle collider but yet there is no super 10 billion dollar super cancer research lab? More money for real research not drugs to slow symptoms but real cures!

Lilian Wong says:

Totally agreed… find the cure. Thank you!

Raphael Santore says:

Thank you.

sam jose says:

Okay.. he UCTV videos on stem cells are awesome. But they're all 'past tense': this is the 'old news'. How about a few update presentations? Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize for iPS cells in 2009. This video is nearly three years old…
I guess I'll have to scour PMID for the results to any of their studies, because their website has nothing.

Erica Barnes says:

I am a lesbian and in a relationship with a girl. Which she is my fiancée we been together for a year and three months. We been talking about how bad we would love to have a family of OUR OWN DNA. I live in the state of Michigan. I been researching for numbers of doctors in the USA. So far no luck :(. Could you or anybody else please help me out with my search on getting a stem cell doctor? I we as in my partner/fiancée(Amy) and I will both be so very much appreciated, thankful, and happy. Email me if anybody has any information about any stem cell doctors in the USA near or in the state of Michigan.

Thank you, from Erica.

Ram Dahal says:


sarahgittel says:

Thank you.  My question with regard of discussion at .35… would stem cells to treat AVN of the femur fall into the category of going back to original cause of the AVN?
The possibly reason for this to have happened would be chemo or radiation to L3 and sacrum in 2000.  That is 14 years ago.  Response would be greatl appreciated

Joseph Nordenbrock says:

Now lets talk about….THE BIBLE as a book of truth. 

Peter Koenders says:

Mr. Lawrence Goldstein is a great presenter. Humor lard with facts and vice versa makes it fun to watch ! and indeed biotechnology and are the new plastics! ;-)

Wendy Seah says:

Very clear and precise presentation, enlighten with humor and analogies.

coursty1 says:

Very clear and succinct lecture 

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