Duran Duran 2015 CBS News Sunday Morning

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Interview for CBS Sunday Morning with Anthony Mason (aired September 13, 2015).

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Georgina Way says:

The opinion of thr fans matters mmore than the rock press. DD your fans adore and support you always. Best band in the world.

John Rappaport says:

When Simon says at the end "I'm so proud of that!", I literally started crying. These are my boys and I love them so much.

Ib Winther Jørgensen says:

A fan since 1982 and even a bigger fan today in 2016.

mikey p says:

It's a shame Andy Taylor can't come back to them and be the fab 5 again -Even for 1 album like he did last time with the Astronaut album back in 2005

John Hamers says:

Hahaha, you guy's are living on a Boat since Rio, what a Joke ! ;-)

Trish Page says:


Audrey Lonsinger says:

Great piece here that brings so many memories. Producer Mark Ronson at 1:13

original_synth says:

I knew that was Long Island in the beginning!

DINA says:

My fav band since '81. 😀 I used to get so much flack for liking them, but now some of those same folks are respecting. 🙂 I always knew they had it, and they still have it. I can't wait to see them again in concert. I'm proud of my wild boys. ~C-;

arthurs wench says:

adorable…..the lot of them. 🙂 They make me giggle.

Nonna Busnez says:

nothing will ever beat Late Bar , Khanada, and NMOM, but I am soooo glad the boys are still kicking ass and taking names!

göker talay says:

Greatest band ever.Have loved them since I was 8.Every New album is a source of happiness. Love from Istanbul

Susan Ann says:

Amazing then…amazing now…

kentagion says:

wasn't really a fan, however I never changed the station when duran duran tunes came on the radio, and I am even guilty of cranking the volume a tad as well, haha

Budel42 says:

The mall version of Roxy Music………. that's pretty good if you ask me.

Depeche Mode could very well be better, but they're not Duran Duran.

subkutan22 says:

this album is bad as the" red carpet" was, great was "all you need is now " they had a better producer mark ronson

Hannele Laakso says:

Simon says: 😉 "We had ambition and we had a plan: …world domination within five years. And what did we get? World domination within five years". 🙂 ..Talk about setting goals and reaching them. (Y)

Diana Maurer says:

Great interview still a fan since 1983.

Jerardo Vazquez says:

I am a. Rocker. And Depeche Mode is. Better

Jerardo Vazquez says:

Depeche Mode is better

Vivian Cruz says:

amazing band

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