Putin himself involved in U.S. election hack – report

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United States intelligence officials say Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in a hacking operation during the American election campaign. More of today’s top stories on #TheWrap: http://s.rplr.co/KB2scda


erline page says:

Stop blaming Putin and Russia,  put the blame where it goes,  the Liberals and the News Media running there mouth…

stop asking me to change my name! says:

Trump's hiring of Tillerson proves he's in bed with Putin. So obvious now. Trump is Putin's Puppet.

Jesus was a Carpenter says:

"Putin himself involved in U.S. election hack – report" where as in the United States its the Obama puppeteers who are involved in hacking into Russia and attempting to overthrow its legit government and undermine stability in that Nation. This is "BIG" news for any brainwashed liberal, it has to be I mean the number of views clearly indicates that :-D

Craig Craig says:


erik garcia says:

I knew he was. Donald will be impeached
Nuff said

ch1aka2 says:

Has Putin and Trump done the nasty yet?

Synoptic 12 says:

These are nothing more than lies predicated upon delusion.

Jessica Jimenez says:

This is all just a conspiracy theory. It's all made up. It's nothing more than a fairy tale!

dkim2011 says:

Trump is already unfit for office because he's violated the emoluments clause. So is Hillary Clinton for the same reason. Let's fight back against the attack on our democracy by Russian organized crime boss Vlad Putin by demanding a nationwide referendum: Proposal: should there be a revote in cases of egregious outside intervention in our elections? Second, shall we revote by issuing ballots in which all voters get to choose between all the candidates who ran in the 2016 election except the top two: Trump, a Putincuck who benefited directly from the attack, and Clinton who violated the emoluments clause?

CircumstantialFilms says:

A CIA operative has a keyboard with Putin's fingerprints all over it. Supposedly Snowden was involved as well!

Hamad Oman says:

What is wrong if someone helps Americans to see the ugly reality of their corrupt politicians?

Andy Smith-Akins says:

The CIA doing what they do best, overthrowing Democraticaly elected Presedents.

ausummontage says:

That's not true, Putin did it himself alone of course

Sandeep Koirala says:

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Hallking78 says:


322nemesis says:

Fake News

Diz Fox says:

So childish… Fake news globalist msm media won't accept election result. That's immature.

Todd Morrow says:

You're doing it right

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