Bruno Mars – 24K Magic [Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show Performance]

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Hanna Mae Follosco (luciddreamer211) says:

the girl at 3:13??? OMG PLEEASE TELL ME HER NAMEEE

Hanna Mae Follosco (luciddreamer211) says:

the girl at 3:13??? OMG PLEEASE TELL ME HER NAMEEE

Randy Adiwiguna says:

is Bruno Mars wearing a heel?

Wolfman D says:

Why was he like yelling the entire time?

Cassie Heffernan says:

who was checking Bruno and the band to see if they had boners haha or was that just me ! ;)

Phool Dhakad Paniya Rajgarh says:

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helenayhj says:

Lily Donaldson was very very beautiful and twinkle at 02:06♡♡♡♡♡

Tatsu JAPAN says:

I'm sorry he stole the show!!!

Cheryl Loke says:

This maybe the best Victoria secret performance ive seen so far, he uses the whole stage

Christa Mariëtta says:


saurabh sawant says:

for the first time i was waiting for the camera to turn towards the artist and not the models

bimboo smith says:

was she eating her hand or what 0:54

Otakushy Uzumaki says:

How tall are these models?

Wassim Collet says:

Name terror dead drain buddy scare.

Blejac says:

what is the name of the song at the beginig, before 24k magic?

Angels and Pearls says:

my favorite part 2:422:49

Lexi Love says:

Bruno's heels almost as high as the models lol

Angelo DelSenno says:

3:17 black genie with the red turban

Bruno Marú says:

Can anyone tell me who's the angel at minute 1:04?! Please… ;P

杜亮才 says:


Doggy says:

it would've been funny as hell if the first girl fell

datboimusic says:

0:06 my slogan when i go to Paris, Bruno was too turnt!

Cons Mercado says:

Why does lily always suck her cheeks in during a runway?

Post g says:

irina shayk <3 <3

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