Full CBS News South Carolina Republican Debate

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Full CBS News South Carolina Republican Debate


Guapo (Prentiss) says:

"Alright ladies" 26:25 DEAD AF

scottjulie27 says:

Yes, Senator Cruz, tell us more of the strategies on how we are going to defeat ISIS. I'm sure ISIS is listening. That's what I love about Trump. He is keeping it fucking classified with his generals like it SHOULD BE!!!!!!

scottjulie27 says:

24:2525:35 YES!!!!!!!!

CbrigBear87 says:

How do you boo "No weapons of mass destruction"? Fucking lunatics!

CbrigBear87 says:

Kasich talking about Saudi and women's rights in the same sentece HAHAHAHA

Brandon Knight says:

Lmfao Jeb got fucking destroyed

MT Promices says:

Amazing to re-watch this after the election is over.

Andrew Mora says:

Ted Cruz is a Globalist RINO.

Mister Guillotine says:

"I'm not going to invite Donald Trump to the rally in Charleston-"
"I don't wanna go."

God, this is legitimately great humor.

Ashleigh Smith says:

Best parts is when The Donald and Jeb Bush were sparring.

David G says:

Jeb is a MESS

Cooper Carroll says:

Wow, they're all idiots

mourningwarbler says:

Rubio calls Cruz a liar; Rubio speaks Spanish to his favorite constituents; he tells them not to worry, he won't immediately rescind Obama's blanket amnesty.

mourningwarbler says:

Jeb won the lottery when he was born; his prochoice mom chose to let him live!

LuckyLucy says:

At 93 retired on a fixed pension and on oxygen and using a walker in the rest home Grandaddy say'd he thought he'd never see him a colored negro or a woman become President. Back in his day the rich white man ran everything from the town general store up to the White House and everything in between.

BloodHunterGr says:

Trump against the world

RJ LastName says:

"We can make mistakes but that one was a beauty." Too many classic trump moments to count.

BulbaSaw says:

This is such a shitshow. America you are fucked…

buttrock obama says:

this is the craziest shit that I have ever seen.

in wino veritas says:

the 'lame duck', Rubio was refering to, was btw FDR, the longest serving President in US History and (thx to the 22nd amendment) in years to come. and how long has Rubio served? One term in Senate, where he's mostly (>50%) absent.

Amin Moghadam says:

why they dont let poor nigga talk??

Amin Moghadam says:

29:18. ted cruz said first "PERSIAN gulf" war not just "gulf" FINALLY SOME BODY KNOWS SOMTHING

Janet Abreu says:

I got sraced wen cruz entred race

Louis-Baptiste Gallo says:

"I am not a politician, I will never be a politician." said Ben Carson. So your never gonna be president huh?

Amirhossein Fathollahi says:

i love them all except ted and jeB

Jason Eric says:

During slavery, South Carolina had the highest percentage of Black slaves at 75%….It was more Blacks than Whites. Today, I think states with a high percentage of Blacks should become a state for only Blacks or a nation for only Blacks. SOuth Carolina, Louisiana, or Mississippi should have a nation for only Blacks.

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