Election Night 2016 CBS News Coverage

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From Tuesday November 8th and Wednesday November 9th, 2016 CBS News Coverage of Election Night 2016. , Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

Republican: New York Buisnessman, Donald J. Trump

Democrat: F.M.R Secertary of State, Hillary R. Clinton

– Coverage runs from 7.00 P.M E.T – 3.30 A.M E.T


Ivy Hawks says:

You think that bad as a black person I get all their whinny all the time. I can't even date a black man that is not a whinner, sooner or later they cry fowl about something. Time to move on.

John H says:

If it weren't for black ghettos and illegal immigration Trump would have won 45+ states and the republicans would have super-majorities in both the house and senate.

Eric Haslet says:

Trump. chosen by God. he will have absolute authority. A mandate indeed.

tuvtuvl says:

Can someone be the savior of All deplorables and upload msnbc election night coverage. It's the only one that hasn't been uploaded and has the most butthurt pundits

tuvtuvl says:

why do they keep saying its a tight race, when trump was killing her by like 50 electoral votes. The only thing tight about this race is the pundits who wanted Hill to win.

Red Rusty says:

It's a hoot watching these arrogant know-it-alls after the fact. This is better than the Walking Dead reruns.

gary smitty says:

Trump has to have Florida to have any chance of the Presidency. That was CBS theme for the night. Fake News, he would of won without it.

tightlypackedcoil says:

CBS was the only network that delayed their calls to make it appear that Clinton was ahead in the electoral count. They just would not call Florida, and made it seem like Georgia was "close" when it was nothing pf the sort. They were doing that to make it seem like Georgia being "purple" actually came to fruition.

white deion says:

they took forever to call WI, AZ and AK especially

Cheryl Gumulauski says:

Man did these guys miss the boat and drink the Kool-aid. The Republican establishment gave Trump are harder time in the primaries than the Dems did in the General if that was possible. Perhaps they should get to know the voters verses telling them what they they must think, and do their own homework verses just repeating the slander of others about Trump!

John Cofield says:

Pence's son has a pride in his eyes and on his face that makes me miss my father.

Jessica says:

How can so many be so wrong about so much for so long? The establishment D.C. and media elites are so disconnected from the working and middle class…and the gap is vast.

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