How To Decorate a Garland for Christmas – Trees n Trends – Unique Home Decor

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Kevin from Trees n Trends will show you how to decorate a beautiful Christmas garland. In this video he explains some simple but effective design techniques that will help you decorate your garland.

Trees n Trends – Unique Home Decor.
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Nelly Castillo says:

love the mesh I want all colors

Teresa Kenyon says:

Very good at teaching!

Katrina Eaton says:

Elegant piece.

Anita J says:

I love it!

Purplenissi says:

It's beautiful!! Thank you for Sharing!!

Adamx Mac says:

could you add lights?

Ami Kreutziger says:

GORGEOUS! Fantastic job!

algblessed 1 says:

very creative honey so simple so love

Amanda Henderson says:

what glue did you use

Sherri Kottwitz says:

I look you up every year. Thank you!

Natasha Jeffs says:

Why not secure the ornaments with thin green wire, wouldn't that make them more secure than glue?

francine henderson says:

Im going to try this for a xmas decoration at my husband's nite club.

AnthonyTurningGreen says:

hay dude ! this is awesome , my mom should check this out .:)))))) two thumbs up .

Tania Olivar says:

me encantó. .. muchas gracias por enseñarnos a decorar nuestras casas

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