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Top 10 Medical Advances that Sound Like Science Fiction

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Science fiction has often inspired real-world scientists. From cell phones to submarines, robots to rockets, many of our greatest inventions showed up first in sci-fi. Medicine is just one of the fields that has been greatly influenced by science fiction literature. We’re not saying we’re all going to be immortal cyborgs anytime soon, but medicine’s definitely starting to look more futuristic. Case in point..

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10. Healing Bio-Foam
9. Virtual Reality Training
8. The Tooth Patch
7. Healing Gel
6. Ultrasound to Heal Internal Injuries
5. Mind-Controlled Wheelchair
4. Growing Skin
3. A Pill That Sees Inside You
2. 3-D Color X-Ray
1. Automatic Sperm Extractor

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Jessica Boorman says:

omg number one..eww

seng create says:

the number 1, why dont just call it sex toy..? seriously. just a modify sex toy/penile toy adding with sucking sperms utility and additional function of pleasure technology. ….curious. ..if 1 person use it…then do the machine have cleaning system for reuse for another person. …if not, then all male" baby maker" will share sticking sperms when put it in hahahahah….remind me case in Big China keep reuse the same injection for different people end up entire hospital infect with disease. …sorry for my bad ENG

Esoteric Emissary says:

Full documentary to watch, 2013, will work for free. Highly recommended.

boomkablamo says:

We all know what software the surgeons use it's called surgeon simulator and if you play it you will see how hard being a surgeon really is derp

SocialistIntrovert says:

Just shows you Humans can't wait on Religion.

Aloan Moreira says:

my favorite unreleased one: induced dream machine!

Chibis On The Loose says:

Start playing medical games to improve become a better doctor? I knew Surgeon Simulator was genuine medical training!

Arcturus Mengsk says:

also, when were able to use nano bots to help and heal the body, 10x better then our own blood and maybe create stem cells not obtained from fetuses. immortality baby.

Arcturus Mengsk says:

I've heard of scientists CREATING elements not seen in nature. However, these elements only last for fractions of a second.

Hairy Potter says:

Where can I buy one of those machines from #1?

Sam Nelson says:

number #1 kind of scares me a little bit

chris batchelder says:

so wait, #1, does it like…..LITERALLY jack you off? like in a way that's fun? cuz otherwise it takes all the fun out of sperm donations

I'm Rick James Bitch! says:

Automatic sperm extractor?! Are people too lazy to use their hands?

Eric Taylor says:

# 3 I have done this one. Very weird, but also, very cool. Before they tried this I had both the old shove a camera down your throat, then another up my ass. The pill camera was way better.

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