Kirk Douglas on Stanley Kubrick: He Was a Bastard But Talented

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Kirk Douglas and Stanley Kubrick are two of the most renowned names in film history, known for their collaborations on “Spartacus” and “Paths of Glory.” But the two icons had a sometimes troubled relationship. Read the full interview on


A Evangelinaras says:

Sweet smell of sunset – R

Ronald Duran says:

love your movies Happy Birthday Mr Douglas

DAR RAD says:

Happy birthday kirk, my favorite actor , god bless you.

4Kaiju says:


dcareyHQvideos2 says:

Welcome to the Hollywood 100 club Kurt Douglas!

Cecil Morgan says:

When I was a very little boy, Kirk Douglas was my favourite actor and the Vikings my favourite film. I think I even liked it more than Jason and the Argonauts. It shouldn't be a surprise he's made the ton, he always showed such remarkable vitality in his roles, the man was obviously so exuberantly alive. The determination he showed to make that speech at his special Oscar award ceremony just a few weeks after his debilitating stroke showed alot about his character. It's unlikely he'll read this, but Happy Birthday, Mr Douglas! And for all the memories, thank you.

Roberto Dallossi says:

Happy birthday, "Spartacus"! I wish more 100 years to you.Embrace from Brasil.

Piatequila says:

Kirk Douglas a native of Amsterdam / NY .

Henrik Vollstad says:

After a quick google search I'm sitting here amazed like an idiot that I did not realize his son is Michael Douglas

Angel Castaneda says:

One of the all time great American actors. Happy 100th Birthday, Kirk Douglas.

Zeproo says:

An appeal to the scientists of today. Please unrafle the reverse aging process RIGHT NOW !!!!

Brandon Loves Horror says:

Happy 100th birthday kind sir. You're a living acting/film legend and you should enjoy the rest of your life, bless you.

Sharp Thorne Films says:

Great actor, funny interview

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