Kirk Douglas Dick Cavett 1971

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blblblblb blblbblblbl says:

kirk called him "dick" too much, he also called him his leading lady…lol…maybe this is because i am looking at this for the first time lol.. but i feel like he is challenged cavett to a cock fight, and cavett is at the same time trying to bring the vagina out of kirk

dcareyHQvideos2 says:

Happy 100th birthday Kirk Douglas!

Nicolae Ionita says:

mare actor

LGranthamsHeir says:

Happy 100th birthday, Kirk Douglas! Truly a legend!!

Michael Skibitiansky says:

mazal tov

Michael Skibitiansky says:

He's 100! Mazal Too.

mickeyh1961 says:

Thought Dirk was incredibly patient and polite with this excuse for an interview, Cavett in my opinion very superficial with shallow questions and comments hard to listen to.

Lee Jones says:

100 in a month what a legend

No Name says:

Cavett looks like he rather be anywhere but there, and Kirk was very friendly, go figure!

Marilyn Monroe Official Channel, by Peter Sneyder says:

Dick rules ! One of the best male talk host ever !

Russell Garr says:

Kirk Douglas for US President. It's time.

brainsareus says:

Not a put down,but Kirk's conversational way of talking sounds a bit affected. many actors who were already middle aged,spoke that way,at that time.

brainsareus says:


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