Happy Birthday, Kirk Douglas!

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An excerpt from a 1979 television interview, featured on our release of PATHS OF GLORY.


4Kaiju says:

Happy 100th Birthday Kirk. You are Spartacus!

Noah King says:

100 years old, holy fucking shit…

Jake Westbrook says:

amazing he's still alive.

thevoid99 says:

100 years and still kicking ass. give the man a cameo in the next "avengers" and have him knock out a bad guy. he deserves it. the man is a fucking legend.

Sheena Hasham says:

happy birthday sir

Luther says:

The last of the giants.

LeN nie says:

A Living Legend – Happy 100th Birthday Mr Kirk Douglas.

Quinn Knox says:

100 years old! Happy birthday to one of the best entertainers there ever was!

aljawad says:

Happy birthday, Spartacus! Just think: Mr. Douglas has been alive for roughly 1/20th the time period between today and the time of the real Spartacus!

blurayich says:

A true legend, happy b day Mr. Fairbanks ;)

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