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Enrique Saenz says:

Hash tag SAVAGE!!!

Pastelica says:

Bloody hell pewds you gave me a heart attack !

Sean Mcmaon says:

Funny I keep subunit for this

Denis Zidovudin says:

все омереканцы чтоле

Frank game99 says:


Android Gaming says:

love poeple

Jet Wardenier says:

jesus christ

Sid Yee-Bacsafra says:

Do you write these languge?

wa hae koela says:

that was funny

lord Abdul says:

IF I get 2,000 subs I will will EAT SHIT(POO)

Cyan Dino says:

Oh gosh. I can't stop laughing. XD

Hipster_Anna_Cookie says:

Best prank ever XD

TimeLapseEVERYTHING says:

This shit #1 on trending. Pewds showing his power :P

Jonatan Cray says:

aahahhahaha 😀 great prank

Michael Gabriel says:

PewDiePie tem o espírito BR com certeza kkk

Sohker _ says:

this is #1Trending in

Elizabeth Martin says:

he should do a gameplay on final fantasy

Amira Sabirdzhanova says:


Asya Aysuda Aksoy says:

Pewds.I love you

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