10 Amazing Robots That Will Change the World

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The day of living like the Jetsons, mechanized maid and all, gets closer all the time. Here are 10 great robots, some of which are even available to the public.

The day of living like the Jetsons, mechanized maid and all, gets closer all the time. Here are 10 great robots, some of which are even available to the public.

Number 10. Honda’s Asimo. The humanoid robot stands a bit over 4-feet and weighs in at 119 pounds, but its developers have packed a whole lot of functionality into its modest frame. Asimo can do sign language, play soccer, and even serve drinks.

Number 9. Kuratas. If you’ve ever dreamed of being the pilot of a great big robot, this is your chance. Located within its 13-foot tall frame is enough room for an onboard commander. Oh by the way, it can be controlled with an iPhone.

Number 8. Atlas. Commissioned by the Pentagon, and engineered by Boston Dynamics, this disaster rescue dynamo is built to perform the heroic task of saving lives without risking its own.

Number 7. Termite Robots. These little guys are designed to do tough, tedious building work and their way of working was inspired by termites. The bots assess their environment, take cues from one another, and get to work even though they haven’t a clue of the bigger plan.

Number 6. Cheetah Cub. Wanting to know how to make robots take control of tough terrain with the grace of a feline, scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology made a robotic cat. Using it, they can assess joint force and agility without having to harm an actual animal.

Number 5. WildCat. Not to be confused with the aforementioned Cheetah Cub, the WildCat is the newest generation of Boston Dynamics Cheetah robot line. These machines are made for speed, traveling up to 29 miles per hour. While previous versions were indoor sorts, this one is suited to run free.

Number 4. VGo Virtual Student. Stuck at home with a severe immune disorder, a student in Texas is now able to attend classes thanks to a robot. She can power the virtual version of herself via internet and participate in what’s going on thanks to a webcam.
“Miranda suffers from a weak immune system that doesn’t allow her to attend class in person but thanks to this robot pilot program she’s back in the classroom.”

Number 3. Robo-Fly. It’s tiny and fast, weighing only 80 milligrams and flapping it’s wings up to 120 times per second. Once technology advances and can make it a battery small enough, the robotic insect is predicted to be a helpful tool in search and rescue missions.

Number 2. The Mab. It flies around your house, senses where it’s dirty, and then deploys a bunch of tiny little cleaning bots to make the area sparkle. It’s just a concept, but was enough of one to win the Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Number 1. Curiosity. NASA’s Mars rover has accomplished far more than any other robot can imagine so to speak. It’s only been on the Red Planet for about a year and a half, but has already determined that there could have once been life there.

If you could design a robot, what would you make it do?


Freddie L. says:

It would probably change the world in the " WORST " possible way imaginable! The sad thing is, is that companies will soon only rely on the robots to do the work for their company so that they would not have to pay anyone. This is a mistake because if no one is making any money how are they going to to buy the product being made in the first place, how are you going to pay your bills to live!? And if you are under 20 you are probably going to see this in your lifetime, with riots, bankrupts, and eventually a failed economy. GOOD LUCK!


I would probably make the robot protect my house.

Voltage says:

I would probably make my robot shoot nuclear warheads as well as heat seeking missiles and have a giant minigun

ncstar24 says:

You know whats pretty cool is that the sick kid can just turn off school. Be like lates

Ashley's vlogs reynolds says:

these robots are the dumest things ever

Dab to be A pigeon says:


Cristian Perez says:

i would make the robot do my homework and tests and projects (everything involving school)

sarwan mohabir says:

I will make it destroy the world lol

template says:

where is cozmo????????

cluster of bluepoop says:

Number 2 looked like sentrybot from fallout

pooja mann says:

I want to be a robotic engineer but dont know where to start from

Superdragus3 gaming says:

I'd make gypsy danger from pacific rim

Daily Rs says:

lol the virtual student robot was on my local news channel last night.

Dandzo says:

Master Chief power suit all the way, with a bonus of the AR.

Plush Trap says:

i would make me

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