WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY! (VSG) Pre op Experience!

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Hey guys! So here it is! My first sit down with you going over my surgery experience! Please note that everything I touch on are simply my personal experiences and will vary for each and every person! This was the best decision I’ve ever made! If you have any further questions regarding the pre-op process please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I’ll be happy to answer them!


Manda Ski says:

So happy I found your channel. Hope to see lots more from you. I have a surgery date set for the 12th. I have made one video on VSG but can't wait to share loads more.

Val TeamRny says:

Hey Bria, I'm new to your channel. Coming over from the weight loss surgery community. I just had RNY surgery last Monday on 11/28. You look fabulous! I'm looking forward to following your videos.

Yary Baez says:

Do you have body shots before and after pictures

VSGpretty sleeved says:

just subbed to your channel im 33 wks post op hope you'll subscribe back and we can follow each others journey

That Fat Chick says:

you are so pretty. i love your makeup

frazzled pots75 says:

My process has will be a total of 7 months, surgery date is 12/6/16

Banana Bethan says:

Wow, Loved this vid <3 I've just subbbed. I would love it if we could support each other :)

LessBodyMoreHeart says:

So glad you are as excited as I was about mine. Im 7 months out and am down 110 pounds. Best experience EVER.

Francisco Lopez III says:

good luck!! I'm about 3 months post op .. so happy i did it .. hopefully you will to :)

Michele R says:

Looking forward to watching your journey. Just finished my 6 month qualifying time and have a surgery date of 12-12-16 good luck

TheWeightIsOver says:

Thank you for sharing….good luck to you. I am in the final days of my 90 day pre-op diet and am excited to start my surgery journey. I'll be watching and cheering you on as you get healthier. Hang in there, you can do it!!

Ashley Tucker says:

Thank you for this! I'm wanting to hurry through the process too! I'm one month in to my 7 month waiting period visiting my PCP monthly. Can't wait for updates!

Flab to Fab-ulous says:

Exciting times. Congratulations. My surgery is November 29th. I subscribed and am looking forward to updates.

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