Weight Loss Surgery for Teens?

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Iyla Lacoste says:

There is a serious flaw in this. Why doesn't the government put a ban on the sugar, processed, fatty crap that most people eat? Promoting a "clean" diet is what these obese teenagers need. Parents who set good examples by earring REAL foods such as fruits and vegetables. Getting surgery to lose the weight is a cop out. Losing weight isn't about starting yourself. Its about eating as many whole plant foods to feel satiated after every meal. You can even make desserts out of plant foods like banana ice cream with cacao powder to make it chocolate-y, or brownies using oat flour instead of processed white flour. This country needs a serious wake up call. STOP PROMOTING THE UNHEALTHY SHIT THE IS PROCESSED.

iammontecristo says:

The earliest that bariatric surgery had crossed my mind was 19. That was years ago and I didn't know what fully went into it. I didn't go through with it, but between then and now, I at least not know what goes into it.

Atreyu Jai says:

Either your fat as a whale or skinny as a skeleton, I think this surgery is good, I wished I could have done it as a teen, now I'm about 366 almost 400 pounds and it is hard, my joints hurt, my back hurts, I cannot bend adequately anymore. I'm obesed and I need help

Rosella Grant says:

obesity is not, for the most part, a medical condition. it can usually be put down to sheer laziness or a poor diet. I'm not saying medical conditions that cause weight gain don't exist because my gosh they do, I'm just saying you can't label such an umbrella term as a simple 'medical condition'.

Travis Stork says:

If u gain back that weight high then the weight u had, try ADD med, (Methylphenidate)

Jane doe says:

I think this type of surgery is awesome for people who are servery over weight because it can help them lose weight faster so then they can become more mobile and more motivated to continue to lose weight. people think its a quick fix and its not. it still takes years to lose all of your excess weight and it still takes a lot of work and dedication to the lose weight. Modern medicine is amazing! :D

Linkin Park fan says:

2:42 not amused

Nyx Nightmare says:

The parents who are allowing their worthless, lazy children to spend thousands of dollars on a life damaging surgery should be imprisoned for child neglect. These surgeries are extremely dangerous, even for adults, and should only ever be got if there is an honest medical reason for why you cannot physically lose weight. If you are just too lazy to get off your worthless ass, then you deserve to be chair bound for the rest of your life. The real world does not give you handouts, and neither should the parents of these disgusting teens.

Chris Chase says:

Diabetes is on the rise and will continue. It's gonna be crazy

Alice michell says:

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Kara Camille Delonas says:

It blows my mind that people will get surgery before trying a plant based diet. Long term vegans are the only category of people who are nearly 100% in the healthy weight range. You don't even need to cut calories, carbs or exercise vigorously. You just need to stop eating animals. If you're struggling with your weight PLEASE try going vegan before dropping thousands on a dangerous surgery.

Andriy Petrytskyi says:

first liker

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