Nurse-to-Nurse Influenza Vaccine Safety

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Watch two nurses discuss the flu vaccine and why nurses should get immunized in this video from ANA. Find out more about flu immunization for nurses at


markarthu says:

More votes for the one in purple.  It is a corporate, money scam.  The best that can be said about it is that it is "not ineffective."  Nice attempt at a power grab and appeal to authority.  Freedom is the ability to say "no."

Barbara Parisi says:

I agree with the nurse in the purple….I got sicker from the vaccine than I have ever gotten sick in my life.  I think this video was paid for by the drug company who makes the vaccination!!!

N “Nurses Who Vaccinate” WV says:

When nurses vaccinate, not only do they protect themselves from the flu virus, but they protect their patients and families are well!

edaoboe says:

Still unconvinced :)

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