What’s On My iPhone

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You guys asked for it so you’ll get it. here is a brief overview of what’s on my iPhone.

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Tom Moccia says:

I connect to a micro cell provided by at&t because service is weak. It's available for about $100

Tom Moccia says:

@RickysMacintosh HAHHAHA send me your account info and I'll do that video right away. LOL

rickysmacintosh says:

hey can you go through more in depth of your bank of america app? Just curious to see what it's like to login and check account info? 😉 LOL

TechExamined says:

Really?! How many people? 2? LOL I keeeed… 

Thevikitiki says:

How do you make you contacts on icon?Can you make video on that.

iPinoyTech says:

Might check out text plus & bill tracker

Jose Ramirez (Pochoco) says:

There is 2 apps that I'm going to check it out.

David Loeser says:

Can we get a video of what magazines are on top of the toilet bowl tank?

Fast Customer looks awesome!

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