Black Coffee (Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2013)

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Written and Directed/DOP by Shayna Markowitz
Produced by Sarah Cook
Editing & Colourization by Shayna Markowitz & Sarah Cook Cinematography by Shayna Markowitz


Sara Al Jaberi says:

Did she died ?

marco antonio gutierez rosales says:

second time watching it, and I still don't get it. Not my style but its not my place to say its not good.

Larry Thompson says:

She doesn't know true solitude but only loneliness, living as she says "in between the grey that separates the clouds." If there's value in this ritualized monotony it is a cry for a CENTER: God. Just saying . . . .

Akhil Nair says:

it was good

Serena Buntin says:

Narration ping

Film Festival - Digital Marketing, PR & Publicity Cloud 21 says:

Love the films at Short Film corner

B N says:

Really enjoyed watching this! Its a great little short film that left my questioning many things at the end especially what happened to the girl.

Matty says:

I understand it. It's supposed to represent how "busy" we've become as a society. Even having morning coffee, we can't just take time to sit and relax. Everyone was concentrating on some piece of technology, so she disappeared into thin air because everyone was just too busy to notice her.

Aubrey Black says:

This went to Cannes? I couldn't even finish watching this pretentious bullshit.

PerimoMarco says:

nice poem, but there is something that could make this better (my opinion(not an expert)). Black coffee, nice, the girl isn't necessarily, the popular type. Make the scenes and feel of the movie darker, all the scenes are so bright which throw me off the tone of the music and what the narrator is saying. I know it wasn't shot at night, but that doesn't mean it can't be dark and lonely. After all dark coffee throws more ideas into my head than a pretty girl admiring her surroundings (admiring, not really). I'm not a pessimist but try to be darker and mysterious and it will add more depth to the whole story.

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