100 Greatest Discoveries – Astronomy – Bill Nye

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TuR7LeZz360 Roblox, Minecraft And More says:

Bill bye your moms a guy

Kevin Worldsavior says:

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slayer 1 says:

all these ideas came from his black slave he didn't just pull the idea of a telescope out of his butt

Kevin Lobo says:

poor pigeon xd

Mnemosyne Trident says:

Chris and all, I'd like to share a book with you.

It is the core book of Falun Dafa entitled 'Zhuan Falun'. It talks about spiritual things from a scientific perspective. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind, transcending the 5 elements and leaving the 3 realms and many many other fascinating things.

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David Curran says:

Jfk documentary

Edwin Steffey says:

good video

Moronvideos1940 says:

I downloaded this

Bo Huggabee says:

what if when a star dies as it collapses, it creates the core for a planet to be born, high in gravity starts to pull in astroid belts and other planet making stuff. different stars make different planets. as the planet lives on the gravity weakens as the core reheats and starts to turn back into a star slowly. it's possible if a star ends in a product of solid iron. trillions of stars. it's possible right?

Proud Liberal Dad says:

Bill Nye is awesome as usual. Bill is very smart and rather witty. I used to love Bill Nye the science guy because Bill can get a point across in 15 seconds and you will remember it for years.

John R. Link says:

Great presentation. I enjoyed it immensely. However, I would note that the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory isn't in San Francisco. It's actually 49 miles from SF by road and 40 miles by line-of-sight. Actually it's closer to San Jose, America's 10th largest city than SF. It's only 31 miles by road to San Jose.

Khajiit Lynx says:

Yeah well just notify me when we meet the Vulcans or Klingons…

Josue Martinez says:

how about they discover how to heal cancer

james franklin says:

personally i believe we should explode halleys comet to spite our ancestors and display how far we've come.

Shmannel says:

If space is expanding then am i getting smaller? If everything animate is moving to a smaller scale, does its velocity base unit value increase?

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