VS: Programming Languages Vs. Scripting Languages (FIXED AUDIO)

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In this I explain what the REAL difference between the two are.


RevGaming says:

Awesome, very great explanation! Subbed.

Anirudh Bhargava says:

Thanks Bud ..Got it

PixelOutlaw says:

Scripting languages exist to provide runtime extension and are embedded. They are designed to be loaded as "scripts" to be executed at arbitrary points. Scripting languages usually are programming languages, they are a subset that run dynamically during execution. The title is comparable to "Fruit vs Apples". You'll get into a mess classifying languages that provide dynamic compilation, interpretation, and binary compilation all in the same program like the Scheme and Lisp family of languages.

Maurice Williams says:

I can learn this.

Nick Weimer says:

Nice video, you're explanations are very clear. You should be a professor.

venky venkat says:

Hey Mr.Keith Connoly.. thank u for giving brief idea about the Scripting and programming languages.. Could you please give me the examples like what laguages are called Programming and Scrpting (HTML,CSS,JAVA,JAVA SRIPT,DOT.NET,SQL,ASP.NET).

silverman says:

nicely said

Curtis Jones says:

So you left a bit out, spending the time to compile each time makes the end product be much faster (like 5 to 23 times faster). Scripting languages are more cross platform while compiled languages are more portable. Oh and you should probably mention that compiled languages output machine code and that scripting languages are used mostly to extend the functionality of compiled programs.

Controversy Owl says:

– Are all interpreted languages a scripting language?

– Is JAVA a scripting language?

– What type of language is HTML and CSS? 

Nikolai Polikurov says:

Thank you sir, for spending your time for others.

JavaScript says:

is Python considered a scripting language or programming language or somewhere in between?

unilnonio says:

Thank you, very useful.

Gokhan Dem says:

that was the info after 100 videos.. thanks

Paul Murphy, Jr. says:

Thanks for the video. what about application of scripting language v. programming language? I'm under the impression that scripting is used for say, Unix commands, and programming language could be used to say, develop software applications…?

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