Space Engineers Programming 101 – Power Display Script

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Welcome to a new programming series on Space Engineers! In these videos I hope to explain & learn how to create some cool scripts using the programmable block in Space Engineers, I hope you all enjoy it! 🙂

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Power Display Script:

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RikkuTanaka says:

my timer block wont run the "RUN" command with the programmable block for some reason, when i move it into the hotbar, its kinda grayed out, any ideas?

Crimson Flash Studios says:

Does anyone know how to program a "Text Panel" to show incoming string messages from a Laser Antenna?? Like a network for comms. I use the No Global Chat mod for realism and would love to send text messages via Inter-System Network.

FireOccator says:

At least I wont be going trough this scenario – Gets into flight seat and checks parameters. Notices the line "Fuel Time: … 32 seconds". Then a message warns about a meteorite storm(because those always happen at the most undesired times). Rushes to the conveyor system to quickly place uranium ore into the refinery before complete shutdown.

ratchetfreak says:

You can add an arbitrary newlines in the code where you can add a space

this means that you can shorten all those long lines.


i know nothing in code or anything this is a very helpful video thank you for putting it up it helps older people like me grasp this details.

Piotr Korgól says:

Hey, liked the video – but quick question: Why not use the IPowerProducer interface and get float MaxPowerOutput and float CurrentPowerOutput which are both in MW? This way you don't need 3 lists – just one and can easily sum the values. You can also create a struct that will store all the values – this way you can iterate once and get everything out.

Varsurian says:

Sorry if I sounded rude in my speech.

Varsurian says:

Hello from a fan of yours. Although you asked the question a while ago, I still want to post my opinion even if it doesn't matter and hear me out, please. It is my opinion that you should continue anything about Space Engineers, especially the " Space Engineers Inspiration" series. And if you run out of ideas with it then maybe show off mods and certain creative ideas the help people build cooler creations. Or maybe you would be willing to show off some of your own designs of things from space engineers on creative mode. There, I said it now I'm happy. And if you don't like my opinion then just ignore it, either way I'll still be a fan, only because you make great videos. :))

Ze4os says:

Just an idea for display details: Wouldn't it be possible to display the power levels (storage or usage) as bars instead of percentage values. Something like ◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◻︎ for >90% and ◼︎◻︎◻︎◻︎◻︎◻︎◻︎◻︎◻︎◻︎ for >10% so that if you have a battery monitor on your bridge you would have e.g. 16 batteries and just bars for your photovoltaic efficiency, battery levels and power usage.

MrC0MPUT3R says:

1.21 Jiggawatts?!?!?!

Nice tut, but you should learn your metric prefixes ;)

Füchschen says:

a quick question:

    var myLCD = GridTerminalSystem.GetBlockWithName("mytext") as IMyTextPanel; 
    myLCD.WritePublicText("output_txt", true); 

i dont get a compiling error, but there's an info text: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" and im not sure how to solve this in C#.
Does it in Space Engeneers also mean, that there is a missing or wrong Object / ID / Name / …)? because my textpanel / LCD panel IS named "mytext".
Thats why im a little bit confused now =D

ChozoSR388 says:

It's "Giga" in my book, because I refuse to call a GB a "Jigga" byte

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