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sheri mcdaniel says:

Hi I am starting LPN school in a couple of weeks I was wondering if it is real hard I am not very good at math , I really want this but afraid because I am not very good at math do u have any suggestions should I go or let my dreams die?

Elizabeth Ramirez says:


Nurse Betty says:

Mike I have been watching your videos and am a member for over a year, I use your stuff in my daily practice .. I was just wondering what advise you may have for Canadian Nurses who as of Jan 2015 have to take the NCLEX RN exam, I know it is the exact same as the US exam, so where should a already practicing nurse start?? Any advise ?? 

evajoellyn says:

Thank you soo much Mike!! You are really the best!! I'm starting my 2nd semester of nursing school and we will be starting with the Cardiac system, then we'll cover diabetes! So this key chain will come in handy for me! You are such a great teacher! I really wish you could teach at my school, I would LOVE it!!! 

Stephanie Keele says:

How do you download? I went to the link and it had me enter my name and email and then nothing happened. Thanks for the videos! 

sher tevs says:

Danielle, 5 kids and a part time job… are you doing in school?  LPN or RN program?
I have 5 kids too, part time work 60 hours..plan on continuing with my LPN

Diana says:

Thanks a bunch, Agreed with Mrchury02, there's nothing but symbols once it's done downloading. Help

Danielle B says:

Thanks, Mike! Love your videos. I'm a diamond member and you've helped me make way better grades (I'll update this as soon as final grades come out) than I thought possible with my situation of husband, 5 kids, and a part-time job. You're MY DUDE!! 

MrChuary02 says:

Thanks for the gift bro, you're doing a great a great job with your vids! One thing though the downloaded items that was email is not properly formatted. WHE the file is open is just a bunch of symbols and numbers. I'm running it on my word doc. 

batakflower says:

Thank you so much!!! That's an amazing help!

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