Canada Coverup! Gov Can’t Hide “UFO Takeover” Of Skies 11/27/16

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Most disturbing alien abduction case:
Winnipeg news clip:
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David Bird says:

yeah those are flares, I've witnessed training like this several times while living up north (NWT).

Tree of Life says:

Many implants are put into teeth/gums. My dentist took one out. I did not keep it.

Patricia Wasiukow says:

Paul Hillier publicly stated that UFO's are real and working with Military Governments.

Bradley Irizarry says:

brother, great content. but lets be understanding and open minded about the true timeline of us humans. one is that just about every ancient civilization has the same back story of advanced intellectual beings who descend upon man and taught how to read, write, grow, build, farm etc. note that there are no accounts of these people coming together to share story time. but yet speak of the same events.

Rashid Sykes says:

Where is the smoke from the flares? Not flares. Its amazing how a conclusion is just "accepted" with no reason proof scientific research evidence etc otherwise. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably a goose. SMH. Or flares. Yeah that's it. Flares. REALLY?!

Sam Lams Top 10 says:

what a bunch of hot air lol

Knowledge IsPower says:

11:11 Saw that in sweden last year , blew my mind

Grace Pursey says:

All these are government made .
They plan to scare everyone.
Some may be real..I think most are govt.

Khari says:

What the hell.. Pause at 15:47.. Picture of the ear to the bottom right that's circled. I have that exact same thing on my right ear but I never knew what it was.. what the fuck?!

John Burns says:

I saw a similar pair of lights near Cardiff, UK. They seemed at times to be either in the same line of sight or like a single light. It looked wrong but, as I was on the motorway in fast traffic, all I could do was to take short glances at them over about 5 minutes. It was dusk on a clear night 28th Nov and they moved apart one light moving left then upwards before returning directly above its partner before descending and appearing to merge with the other. I am 68 and have always hoped to see a UFO. I am convinced this phenomena was some kind of UFO. I'm happy with that.

Zerada says:

I don't understand why they can't tell about UFOs to anyone or write about them to somewhere. What is so bad about them that we shouldn't know? I believe to UFOs and aliens, but I don't believe that we shouldn't know even something about them.

Jenn Trump says:

i AGREE with TheDugo74, below. I think we have all sorts of sky machines that citizens don't know about. Much of the time yes, drones. But guess what? We DO have some things that are not any of those things. So I keep watching. I don't believe in aliens. I just don't. But I watch because I have an open mind, and if "they" are indeed real, I trust only Tyler to give it to me straight. You GO, boy!

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