Taking Pills for the First Time! YEAH!

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Aiden takes his chemo pills for the 1st time. Everyone is so happy because that means he doesn’t have to get his NG tube put back in his nose. We found out Aiden has A.L.L. leukemia in Feb. 2007. He is now in the maintenance phase which will be for 3 years! Keep your prayers going up for Aiden! With God’s help Aiden is going to win his battle with cancer!


Jojo x says:

this broke my heart when she said, only two more 'for the DAY' , :/

Jorge Restrepo says:

i wish you guys all the best… that goes to everyone going through a similar situation. keep fighting.

anchient7stiffy says:

Hope you get through it :D

Georgie Wells says:

how is aidan doin

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