Liver Detox for Weight Loss: Milk Thistle- Thomas DeLauer

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Liver Detox for Weight Loss: Milk Thistle- Thomas DeLauer

Find out how the liver functions in order to cleanse the blood, regulate hormones and sugars and ultimately, contribute to fat loss. For more of my videos and tips you can visit
This video was one that I originally created for the BeFit Network, but I wanted to make sure that I shared it with my subscribers as well!

1. The liver has many functions (1):
(a) Regulates blood composition, including the amounts of glucose, protein and fat that enter the bloodstream
(b) Filters toxins from the blood
(c) Processes and converts nutrients into forms that can be used by the body
(d) Produces cholesterol and other important proteins
(e) Produces chemicals needed to help blood clot
(f) Metabolizes alcohol and drugs
*Essentially your liver is responsible for your body’s detoxification and body cleansing.

2. A Milk Thistle liver detox can help the liver work more efficiently, leading to the following (2):
a. Improved functioning of digestive tract and immune system
b. Relief from allergies, hepatitis and gallstones
c. Lower cholesterol
d. Regulates blood sugar levels and body fats
e. Increased amino acids reaching the cells throughout your body
f. Relief from fatigue, body aches and nausea
g. Higher energy!

3. Milk thistle for your liver
a. Milk thistle is an herb that protects and detoxifies your liver, and has been used for thousands of years to support liver health and treat chronic liver diseases.
b. The active component that protects the liver and kidneys is silymarin, which is a group of compounds that work together to protect your liver.
i. Inhibits the ability of toxins to bind to liver cell membrane, thus protecting from drugs and even chemotherapy
ii. Suppresses cellular inflammation, encouraging cellular repair and survival
c. Research bomb: A 2013 study by the European Cytokine Network found that silymarin protected the liver and other organs of rats against the adverse health effects caused by consuming sodium nitrite, a food additive. This occurred through the “antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic and anti-apoptotic effects” of silymarin. (4)
d. Research has also found that milk thistle can protect your liver against alcohol, and even has some anticarcinogenic effects (5,6)

4. How to take milk thistle
a. Standard dose is 200 milligrams two to three times daily (7)
i. You can take less – 100 to 200 milligrams twice daily – if the extract is bound with phosphatidylcholine, so find a supplement that contains this ingredient.
ii. Looks for “USP Verified” mark – this indicated that the supplements have been tested by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention.
iii. Take milk thistle with a cold-pressed juice of carrots and beets to increase the detoxification of your liver
b. Discuss with your doctor prior to taking milk thistle to be sure that milk thistle does not interfere with any medications, and to be sure that you do not have any health risks that milk thistle could impact.

-You can feel the difference when your liver is functioning well. Not only can taking milk thistle help you to stay healthy, but it can also boost your energy. With a cleaner liver, your whole body will work more efficiently, breaking down toxins and delivering nutrients you need throughout your body.


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