8 Tips To Become A Better Graphic Designer!

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In this video I show you ‘8 Tips To Become A Better Graphic Designer!’…
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SpaceWeed says:

Hey VisualArts? Can i ask you a question about your graphics :D?

Trippy Designs says:

whos graphics 30k pack was you using in the video. had some seriously decent stuff!!

Byron says:

Not trying to be rude here or anything like that. But how you're specifying to keep practicing in Photoshop makes it sound like Graphic Design is all about Photoshop. Like I said, my intention is not to be rude or anything like that, but simply giving my point of view

Erivelton Souza says:

Great video, man! Thanks a lot!

Wolfie PT-Runners says:

hey bruh , iv been using photoshop for like 8 years now, not even close to you i think , i mean, i have the skill, but lack of imagination, the thing is, i already started making stuff for people for a price, but i think i am asking too low, can you tell me what is the average price for thumbnails etc etc?

KrystalGG says:

I must say – THE first speedart is amazing!!


wow bro i found your channel randomly. youre the best graphic designer ive ever seen seriously! you totally deserve more! if i need any design ill definitely come to you :)) keep up the great work!!

Slzyxr says:


Onyeka Kenneth says:

What type of software do you recommend

Pac Man says:

You are awesome :)

VAS BMX says:

you are the best graphics designer/youtuber i have ever seen you should have millions of subs!

Free banner channel says:

Easiest channel to sub to, you are just so helpful! Thank you for all your work!

Sam Joshua says:

It was really inspirational. Thank you very much.

COLORS- ألوان‎ says:

you are awesome man
can you please tell me what is the version of ph you use plese

Limbo says:

I learned many thigs just watching the background video

ItzSpencer says:

Great vid! Keep up the great work!

Panduh says:

The logo on my account i created! rate my picture please :D


I look up to you I'm going to start a design channel it's called ice blue designs

Jehu Christan says:


Kryogenic says:

Hi thanks for the tips.
One question though. How do I market myself?
Are there any forums which I can advertise on?

Thelegitlazydude says:

thnx dude really helped me out im really good at GFX now

Spirex 終 says:

0:45 what is that called that he brings up plz

ItsKingCrazy says:

Hey mate who's Texture pack is that?

Van Kayl says:

Hey man ! Nice Video Where did u get that packs ! Can U please give me the link

Zeferus says:

Thanks for the tips!

cynthia abogado says:

i no have laptop can i make it to my mobile??? thnk u ☺

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