Donkey – Tribeca Film Festival and Award-Winning Short Film

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If you enjoyed Donkey (and I hope you did!), do watch our latest short, you’ll love it –


Bltch Erica says:

george miller should have won this


Nice Piece of work … cheers

Sanath Pawar says:

this was beautiful!

Bradley Davids says:

I skimmed through a few other videos that were boring but this one gripped me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

melnampung says:

this is amazing :') I can't stop watching it

Willem Sanders says:

This is a really brilliant short film. Probably the best I've ever seen. Can you please explain how you got the idea?

Deepak Pande says:

Just fantastic. Amazing. Too Good. Great Job.

alan pelz-sharpe says:

Loved it! Near perfect short film.

Lily Rose says:

Wow amazing !

Raymond Prince says:

Absolutely beautiful!

Misbah Malik says:

This is beautiful! What camera/lens did you use?

Kim Sutherin says:

Simply said….powerfully.

Omkar Gaitonde says:

all these short films tend to explain all the ideas through narration, and show people walking around, like it's some sort of "visual" film. Not saying all, but a lot of what I've seen (that seems to be prestigious at film competitions) seem to follow this path. A good visual film explains through symbolism, and less narration than for the whole film, if narration needed. Maybe an unreliable or different points of view. And don't just spill all the answers through narration; it doesn't add to a very interesting/thought provoking film, even though I think that is what the director is aiming for

Bob B says:

What an absolute perfect short film. A must-watch for any film student, and actually, anyone in general.

sanjiban hati says:

now here is the fulfillment of the film.
I could hardly understand the accent, and no subtitle was there. Still I kept myself stuck to it. And at the end, I made it out from the successive scenes which are shown.
I absolutely loved it. Simple, still so special, so elegant – touching indeed.
Please do upload such good works. Thank you :-)

lcafilms says:

Not bad considering there was no actual dialog all voice-over………….

Firas Haidar says:

Loved this. Seriously, great job. I'll soon be working on my own short movie and this will be a lot of help. You have any upcoming projects we can look forward to?

Arini Ardyanti says:

i dont quite get the ending when the narrator said " who's the donkey now? "

does it refer to how stanly seems to have a happier life than the narrator?? (anyone help me pls>-<)

James Brown says:


SpookLuc says:

Fucking amazing.

Jairo Antonio Mendez says:

Espectacular Fotografia Majestuosas Imagenes de Arquitectura y Por Dios ese extraordinario Parecido Fisico en su Rostro de este Guapisimo Chico con el maravilloso e Inolvidable HeathLedger.

Gina McCune says:

I absolutely loved this film. It's used as a example for a grad level screenwriting course I'm taking, and I think it's a perfect example of touching, beautiful short-story telling at it's best. Congrats!

Elly Kelly says:

love this

Battle Brothers says:

Well done, Keir! Awesome use of VO, and an even better introspective into the importance of human interaction in the moment, and taking into account the feelings of all the people you affect. It's amazing how "success" can be defined in so many ways. Thanks for giving me perspective today.


pretty sweet!

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