What Exactly is Health Sciences?

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In which I explain exactly what it is that I’m studying and how my opinion toward it has changed since I first looked into it over 4 years ago.


paperinksandwords says:

I'm thinking of applying for the health science as a minor, and my major as a nursing. But because I want to go too graduate school for physicians assistant and I do want to do some clinical research in my health care career, is this a good major to go into? Does it open doors to other healthcare positions that will let you into clinical labs & hospitals?

Ram S says:

umm since you already studied it, I'm actually planning to be a health sciences student so is it too close to medicine? like what is the mane difference? I really hope you'll answer me, you will save my future life.

EPistolKing says:

Thanks for your insights… I am a Senior in this program. I found the same is true, I am versed a lot, but an expert in nothing. LOL. Thankfully, I am just padding my resume with the career that I already have as an EKG tech. Hopefully, it opens doors in the future that allow upward movement. Thanks again for your vid.

Luna Ji Pendragon says:

I am current health science student as well. I am also in panic mode stopping at the bachelor's level. I'm going to apply to be a physician assistant. What specific jobs did you find for our major. I also have my associates of science. I'm currently a junior.

Ricertopia says:

So for a major in health sciences, do you think it'll lead to a career in health care administration?

Haifa Al-Sallami says:

What kind of jobs can you find in these?

Tatiana Monique says:

I'm in high school and when I graduate, I will have my CNA. I'm thinking about doing nursing to become an NP. But I also want to be able to transition into admin. Which would be better out of health sciences or health care administration? Thank you. 

yazeeeeeus says:

Just found ur video … Thx a lot .. And hope u answer my question ,, what is the work load like !? And what u think about McMaster uni !? Or should I look for smaller school !? Thx again ..

jane mentor says:

If you wanted to pursue a healthcare career, would you recommend health sciences or biomedical science?

Lauren Morley says:

I was planning on doing one of these for studying Communication…might do that very soon.

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