Mos Def – Mathematics

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Album – Black On Both Sides(Please Rate and Comment)
Production By Dj Premier….


chelsea6671 says:

Apparently, Mos Def ( ill ALWAYS adress him as his original hip hop name, not that Yasin Bey shit) announced his retirement recently and all i have to say is: fuck.

Zeyi Benevieu says:


Mad Ry says:

Used to BANG this joint every ride to my ex's spot when it first dropped. Mos & Preemo

VTS -NL says:

0:37 "9 planets faithfully keep in orbit" RIP

MC Boolet says:

I am a great rapper like Mos Def. You know what I am saying? Check it, man. Check my rhymes.

I am from Iran, not Hong Kong, what drugs am i on, mari juan, one and on, I rap this song, Trump is a con, I drink the Don, my cousin's name is John, he eats won ton, soup and kung pao, chicken

Philipp Marquardsen says:

bruce willis?

Alberto Alvarez says:

fuck u man last 2 mins silent

kernelPANIC says:

Shiiit! I can't believe I found a song they used on MTV's Downtown… I think it was Fruity's theme or something…

Flipboxeric says:

The truth of today is we all run by mathematics been the same way sense capitalism and currency I count the amount of money to live the hours worth of work I have to give but even if that's the code of the system it's not its purpose you can't explain a life with numbers on paper cause you can make millions in life and be forgotten in death its friends and family who remember me and my legacy

Nelson Alvarado says:

power lifts the powerless

Aditya Diwan says:

Whos watching this after Mos Def got freed! YAY!

deliciouspops says:

Shoutout to Jonnie Ive.

kalan collins says:

this right hre my shit frfr

kino barrera says:

My mom is friends with him

Catty Bates says:

what year was this made?


Hitchhiker's Guide?????

Keiron Forbes says:

This is good music!

amin minou says:


dynodope says:

wasn't this in Street Hoops for the PS2? They need to remake that game and keep the soundtrack and add way more music because Blu-Ray holds way more data than the DVD this game was on. Hard drives are bigger than ever so they could add so much more content like more courts, music, players, and maybe new modes as well like online play.

Dank Snoop dodge says:

If you can state official statics and rhyme with a sick flow, you're a true HipHop G.

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