Metallica – Astronomy

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Song: Metallica – Astronomy (Original by Blue Öyster Cult)
Album: Garage Inc (1998)

A great song proformed by Metallica. Never been played live before, but should be.

As Requested, here are the Lyrics…

Clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst
Out at you from their hiding place
Like acid and oil on a madman’s face
His reason tends to fly away
Like lesser birds on the four winds
Like silver scrapes in May
And now the sand’s become a crust
Most of you have gone away

Come Susie dear, let’s take a walk
Just out there upon the beach
I know you’ll soon be married
And you’ll want to know where winds come from
Well it’s never said at all
On the map that Carrie reads
Behind the clock back there you know
At the Four Winds Bar

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Four winds at the Four Winds Bar
Two doors locked and windows barred
One door to let to take you in
The other one just mirrors it

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hellish glare and inference
The other one’s a duplicate
The Queenly flux, eternal light
Or the light that never warms
Yes the light that never, never warms
Or the light that never
Never warms
Never warms
Never warms

The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst
Out at you from their hiding place
Miss Carrie nurse and Susie dear
Would find themselves at Four Winds Bar

It’s the nexus of the crisis
And the origin of storms
Just the place to hopelessly
Encounter time and then came me

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Call me Desdinova
Eternal light
These gravely digs of mine
Will surely prove a sight
And don’t forget my dog
Fixed and consequent

Astronomy…a star


Αρης Μακρης says:

except of remember tommorow i would like ya guys to make a cover of another iron maiden's song maybe one day….

GloryDouble7198 says:

Better than that pile of steaming shit, 'Halo on Fire'.

Patrick Groom says:

everyone talking it's a cover album

brian beveridge says:

makes me feel like a viking lol

Mick D says:

James really showed why he is one of the greatest vocalists in this song. This song never gets old.

tantum gradnja says:

makes me cry i dont know why…..james is briliant

BC557 says:

They did it justice, but nothing can compare to the original. The fade out just doesn't feel the same.

Joel Neugebauer says:

Living close to Lake Michigan, and always looking at the stars. Hey! Call me Casanova!

Cecilie Rangå says:

I Love this song . !! 🙂 Thnx !! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Shon Adams says:

I wonder why BOC isnt considerd some of the best rock and roll ever…

DiruMede says:

I wish they would play this live.

Christian 78 says:

I remember getting Garage Days. This is definitely one of the highlights.

Nicolas Pierre says:

Blue Oyster Cult is better than sure ….

Nicolas Pierre says:

Hé!hé! Pas mal….

Brandon Phillips says:

hey the rake they moved on i love cliff but fuck it hes gone there still awesome!!!!!!

Chris Furrow says:

Great Cover ! Still needs more cowbell .

Albert Mendoza says:

Say what you want, but Metallica has some great covers.

Sander Sveen Paulsen says:

this is one of their best songs

Richard Jones says:

As a huge BOC fan for over 40 years now I must say they did this song "a solid".

Original Gamer says:

RiP Sandy Pearlman!

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