Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy

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This video about chemotherapy, created by Nucleus Medical Media, depicts normal cell division, apoptosis, tumor cell formation, tumor development, and angiogenesis of a tumor. It describes the cause of tumor cell formation at the genetic level with DNA, and metastasis through blood and lymph vessels. This animation covers the various effects of chemotherapy: cancer cell death, tumor death, destruction of normal cells and tissue. It also covers the side effects associated with chemotherapy treatments. Also described are related treatments, such as, radiation, pills, capsules, liquids, intravenous injections, surgical procedures, catheterization, CSF injection, wafter placement, and schedule of treatments.



Melody Lowe says:


Everybody, stop and think. Imagine, you have cancer. It's in its later stages, so the survival rate is low. Now, cancer, even without chemo, is miserable. So the doctor tells you you have one year left. Would you rather suffer? Or have a chance to keep living even longer, possible be cured, and have a better quality for the life you will continue to live?

A relative of mine has stage IV stomach cancer, and it has spread to his lymph nodes. The doctors gave him 2 months to live without chemo. He made the decision to do chemo, knowing all it would do is extend his life and improve the quality of it. He is defying all odds, his tumors are shrinking and he should be going into remission soon.

Before you go saying chemo should be banned, think about it. If you or a loved one had cancer, would you want people going around saying "chemo should be banned?" Without it, lots of people would have died of cancer.

And I know that the cancer is most likely to reappear in a few years, but
1- what if it doesn't?
2- they can treat it again
3- at least he's living longer than he would have if there was no chemotherapy

Think before you say.
Words hurt
They make an impact
People can read comments like "chemotherapy should be banned" and it can make them upset.
Educate yourself

Brian J says:

I thought the thumbnail was my removed left testicle

Infinite Guts says:

can someone explain why exactly is the comment section FILLED with these facebook conspiracy theorists writing asinine statements ? All these people are so dense and moronic it's really sad

roisin lawless says:

Cancer is terrible but I think chemotherapy is worse… This is just my personal preference but I would rather die from cancer than have that poison pumped into me everyday. A lot of the time it doesn't work and it can cause more cancers to develop. We should explore alternative cures to this. There has to be something out there that works effectively.

Marshmello Gang says:

Well that's the dumbest therapy ever.

Science Boy says:

Cancer in your Brain will kill you

palwasha khan says:

is leukemia cancer is cureable..

the ultra x-ray says:

Esme Martin, the x-ray technician that narrated this video actually is a cancer surviver. I think that's why she's given her voice to these videos because she wants to help people learn about some of the treatments she most likely went through, even though hers were when she was 4 years old. 68 years later, Esme's strong, healthy and is now in her 49th year as an x-ray technician.
I'm hoping for her to live a long long life doing what she loves. thank you Nucleus Medical Media for letting her do this.

shan hami says:

There are many multi-purpose plants and herbs out there one can utilize for achieving total wellness. One of those natural medicines is black seed, otherwise known as Nigella sativa or black cumin. In fact, black seed health benefits are so far-reaching that it has been deemed the ‘remedy for everything but death.’

Read on to find out 10 ways that Nigella sativa can help invigorate your body and heal you:

1. The most shocking thing that black seed has been proven to do thus far is reduce lung cancer cells by 89 percent. The Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicinecalled Nigella sativa a miracle herb partly for this reason. Black seed has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Unani, and Arabic medicine. It has minimal (if any) side effects and adds important nutrients to the diet. If utilized as an essential oil or by eating the seeds directly, it is a powerful antioxidant. Black seed was used by Queen Nefertiti in Egypt, and King Tut even kept a bottle of the oil in his tomb for the afterlife.3. This herbal medicine is tried and true. There are more than 458 published studies involving black cumin – confirming what Middle Eastern and North African cultures have known for thousands of years about its miraculous powers. There is no other plant quite like it. The chemical composition of the black Nigella sativa seed is diverse, with the seed containing amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fixed and volatile oils, alkaloids, saponins and many other compounds that aid in healing and restoring the body. Four primary oils in the seed have astounding antioxidant properties. These are thymoquinone, carvacrol, tanethole and 4-terpineol. More than 100 chemical compounds of this seed are still not understood Adding on to black seed health benefits,black cumin oil compounds can shrink cancerous tumors by 50 percent, andincrease the growth of healthy bone marrow cells by 250 percent Phytosterols found in black cumin aid in the human body’s production of important hormones, provitamin D and bile acid –aiding in the prevention of endocrine disorders, immune deficiency, and the number one killer in the US – cardiovascular disease. Dr. Gary Null says that “every time you take black cumin you are boosting your immune system and encouraging it to make more killer cells.” Natural killer cells are white blood cells (lymphocytes) that seek out and kill cancerous or otherwise mutating cells that can harm the body. One of the worst kinds of cancer, pancreatic cancer is also one of the most difficult to treat – but not for black cumin. The seed has wiped it out completely according to several anecdotal accounts. What’s more, a study conducted at the Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia found that it reduced a pancreatic tumor by 80 percent Rich unsaturated omega 6 & 9 acids and phytosterols present in black cumin increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, decrease capillary fragility and permeability, prevents thrombus formation, and decrease arterial pressure. In other words, Nigella sativa is awesome for your heart A Pakistani journal has shown that Nigella sativa is wonderful for protecting against antibiotic resistant super bugs. The University of Dhaka in Bangladesh alsoreportedly found that black cumin fights disease so well that it works better than many pharmaceuticals

Pikachu says:

;D yea so that breath

Dpilad Naga says:

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fidodido664 says:


Ya Boi says:

Wait so how is cancer not curable if this works so effectively

rakesh joshi joshi says:

it means that cancer can not be cured???

yaz raf says:

chemo will kill you . cancer is the symptom of your body system been week and acidic

Karan Sepanik says:

chemo kills your immune system there's no money to be made in curing disease

Karan Sepanik says:

chemo kills not cancer

ankhaton says:

Very fine grinded flax seed –
make a powder
3 tea spoons p/day if you have cancer
Bad stomach > take flax oil
It eats all the cancercells
Take not more than 3
Only if one has many metastasis one will feel bad but that's good

To avoid cancer
No meat at all
One little spoon of flax seed p week is enough
If you or your love ones benefit like is always the case
Please 'Like my' songs here on youtube or FB

ObeseMexican says:

Im still soggy from the chemo

Kram Zuckerberg says:

This video and all forms of chemotherapy are fucking lies. Big Pharma wants your money.

24Swiffer says:

chemo should be illegal

Mahdi Al-Sadah says:


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