Obsidian 45 Silencer, Gun Mirror, Ruger American Pistol – TGC News!

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This week on TGC News, the worlds quietest 45 can, a vanity mirror for your gun and Ruger’s new pistol!

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Dean Ranged says:

best and only gunshow purchace is a Canik stingray c

Quinlan Wall says:

dude y dont u have more subs??? great vids keep it up :)

Jordan Toth says:

Best thing I bought at a gun show was a .223 round key chain.

Tell barlow says:

They have the same opening theme song as watch mojo

Je P says:

I would rather see Obsidian compared to the Octane!!!

Justin Rice says:

try the RAP for yourself, I have one and have had about 10 people try it, none of us have experienced the knuckle bust reported on MAC.

Tyler Proell says:

The best thing I ever bought at a gunshot was a churro.

Michael Juarez says:

I own the ruger american its built to go threw hell its well accurate

Rough Rider99 says:

Can you buy a 3 lug adapter for the Rugged Surge and Obsidian?

Super Casual Tactical (SCT) says:

Best thing I ever picked up at a gun show was my Lee Enfield pattern 14.

ImOffTheGrid says:

I like my SR 40. Easy to put shots on target.

The Chopping Block says:

Best thing I ever bought at a gun show was the time when I essentially got paid to pick up a new barrel for my Mossberg. Found one for $20 and, as I was walking around one of the guys at a booth asked how much I wanted for it. I started to respond that I wasn't selling it, stopped myself and asked what he wanted to give me. He offered $50 so I went back to the table I got it from and bought another barrel for $15. $50 – $15 – $20 (admission) = I got paid $15 to leave with a new barrel.

The Chopping Block says:

5:04 The best thing about their new pistol is how it made Larry Vickers cry when they didn't know who he was.

The Chopping Block says:

0:14 The reason for a QD mount for an optic is to either remove a damaged sight to make irons visible during a fight or to make it possible to use different optics with one rifle, not to transfer optics between rifles. You are never going to find two rifles that would have the same zero.

Magnum Charger (magnum6pack) says:

You really need to shoot it. I just purchased the 9 mm and 45 versions of the firearm. I really did not notice they weight. For $475.00 out the door…you will be pleased with the value.

John Davis says:

Yo dawg, we heard you like to see yourself while you're shooting. So we put a mirror on your mirror so you can mirror mirror

mirror mirror on the gun, whose the stupidest one.

jcclark789 says:

Gun shows usually have pretty good jerky…

mmaviator22 says:

Im sorry but I think Rugers new pistols are hideous. Just like that arsenal pistol or whatever it is.

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