AQW News: Crulon’s Pirate Gear Zee’s 2016 Birthday Blades, Tana’s Mirror Set

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Intro Song: Our Last Night – Same Old War

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Outro Song: ENGLISH DIMENSION W OP – Genesis [Dima Lancaster feat. BrokeN]

Songs used in this video: Grilletto Orchestra

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DJMasterSpicy Aqw says:

when does the pirate gear come out

DJMasterSpicy Aqw says:

AUG 24 is my bday

bOxcasE “b0xcasE” AGR says:

I'm pretty sure I've completed all of the quests for ShatterGlass Maze map, but it says I've done 16/17 on the map. Anyone have the same issue?

Revive Jokerr says:

Btw nice video aelx.

Revive Jokerr says:

The naval that archerus designed is really good and i just like the concept of it i hope its one of the navals that comes out this year

Dracula says:

Dann x doa made much better armors and they still got with this is. AE strikes again

Giorgos Paparopoulos says:

You joined pwnerz? Nice!

Ghostly Kinq says:

Hi, I am planning to get chaos slayer mystic. What enchantements should I get?

teng sheng says:

where did you get that pet with wings???

Diamond AQW™ says:

Aelx-maing! c:

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