America Votes CNN Live Coverage!

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TheColonelKlink says:

BREAKING NEWS: CNN loses the election. More at eleven.

Jojew says:

We love you Trump!

chillgangsta says:

thanks for posting this bro.

Mina B says:

I am a Canadian and have cancel any network to do wit CNN…consider it a thank you for not under scoring. The name…oh yea. Don't bother trolling…don't have time and don't give a damn

Joe Momma says:

LOL. They were SOOOOOOO excited early on. Wolf apparently was near orgasm when Shrillary was leading in Florida early on.

All the networks were really late in calling Georgia. Were they waiting for the Atlanta democrat fraud machine to manufacture the votes?

Ojama Black says:

Trump will do a better job then Obama. My next door neighbors poodle could do a better job then Obama.

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