Myth-Busters: The Next President & The Economy

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Two nights ago, during the final presidential debate, the subject of the economy was covered. Since both candidates are interventionists, the prospects for the U.S. economy don’t look good no matter who happens to win. Ron Paul debunks the latest debate myths on today’s edition of Myth-Busters.

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Tiffany T. says:

we all know some 1 ,we go " i dont understand why he/she always broke …."
with job ,with out, they cant handle money .on the other side of socioeconomic layer
is the all powerful 1% ,a fraction of every dollar in circulation ends up with them .
so if we provide for the poor ,what ever we hand them will find its way to the 1% pockets
after rising through the middle class .
dont dismiss any social safety nets until u consider the true impact of empowering our most in need …
and we all live happily ever after

Billy Bob says:

As I understand it. You can't have a completely free economic sphere. It is the responsibility of the government to REGULATE but NOT to PARTICIPATE in the economy. Government should not participate in the economy but they need to regulate it ( we can't trust that everybody will play fair- it is the difficult nature of business that it is inherently selfish). I wonder if trump wants to participate in the economy or regulate it with his international trade deals? Keep religion out of politics, keep government out of business, keep business out of government, keep politics out of education, keep business out of education, keep business out of religion. There are three spheres: 1. Cultural 2. Political 3. Economic. They should interact but not step into each others spheres.

darkgrape says:

As a Ron Paul supporter I say, Ron Paul, YOU need to endorse Trump or you are a gatekeeper after all.

cgchain says:

Dr. Paul, you're my hero and a beacon of hope & clarity in this messed up institutionalized state of affairs. Bless you. The nation and world needs men of principle with spine, morals, intellectual consistency, & persevering strength like yours.

Joel Richard says:

I don't see how you can have free trade while other Countries have tariffs.

Derek Staroba says:

This discussion on trade seems way oversimplified. At 11 minutes buying overseas tennis shoes are mention. Sweat shops… so ya. So then the executives can slap a tariff. It isn't fair to anyone involved. Not the foreign labor not American consumers. So where's the law then that says companies cannot charge $60 for shoes that cost a dollar or less from Vietnam, China, etc? That would be a regulation. What is alternative? It's all about corruption and keeping things legit and moral. And also please explain to me how robotics wouldn't be far cheaper faster more efficient etc than human labor? Doesn't make much sense and its all highly politicised with market cornering monopolies and the like. I think Trump will fix it, or at least go a long way towards that. I wish you would endorse him dr. Paul. This election and specifically the supreme Court is to important not to and I my faith in you and your son lately seems to be waining

alpacawrangler says:

I met Dr Paul at the value voters summit in DC in 2011 and was so proud. I have one question. Were you behind or in front of Paul Ryan at the bank to cash that DNC check?

Emil Phoryew says:

How many of you folks intend to vote Darrell Castle for President?

Emil Phoryew says:

The fact this man (Ron Paul) isn't President PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt the whole system is RIGGED! I wish we could have a march on Washington and demand Ron Paul be installed as President!

healthydevdas says:

the fed must end. audit the federal reserve

MrDubstep420 says:

Interesting Ron has no desire to help Trump understand things his way and help direct his policy. He would be a great addition to Trump's cabinet. Help him instead of criticize him… Its sad you took his free trade deal quote out of context. He said if we cant agree on good deals we scrap them.

Josh Hoover says:

What about monopolies that come from intelectual property rights? That being said, I think the intelectual property rules are a bit wonky (think of patent trolls)?

VTSPQR says:

I wish Ron Paul was on the ballot in this election cycle…..He would be a shoe in!

Mac E says:

President Paul., President Paul, President Paul!!

Never Stop Laughing says:

WORST 3 THINGS ARE:1,there are not more people like ron paul
2,west countries depend enormously on china(almost every thing is made in china, lets face it
3,highest debt is not in third world countries ,top 4 are western countires :USA,United Kingdom,France,Germany,
When economic colaps WILL HIT,it is gonna hurt like hell,that i can tell you.

Lum1nex productions says:

England still rules america financially…

TickedOff Priest says:

I find it hilarious that people think that Trump is the solution to Clinton.

FjukTheFed says:

The dollar stores are filled with a bunch of toxic products, they don't serve the consumer, they poison and exploit poor people.

Jane Bjorner says:

It's good to analyze what each candidate has said and pick it all apart. The truth, however is, that we only have these two candidates and one of them will be our president and will be making these decisions, hopefully, with the participation of congress and senate.
The fact of the matter is, that Trump has opened up a conversation about real issues facing our country that has awakened the sleeping populace in a very powerful way.
Hillary is a career politician and a pathological liar. Trump is our best hope and I'm sure he is well aware that he does not have all the answers. He has repeatedly said that he will surround himself with great talented advisors.

Kalani Adams says:

how does this only have 1 thousand views

Steve Smith says:

Ron Paul for President. Of Earth.

Michael McNeil says:

Nice to meet a politician that sounds honest. All the more surprisingly an American! Kind of like the old fashioned Americans we used to meet here in Britain some decades ago, before you all went screwy.

I don't know if would care to get a page on here also:

Just set up in reaction to Google's YouTube moderators.

How a monopoly works is that a single family gets to control a segement of the market. Eventually the start telling the supplyer what they are going to pay them. A small seller can't go anyhere else. If he can get a small retailer to take his product he can dicker with them. A monopoly says: "Sell at my price or I go abroad for it,", a small local firm generally can't do that.

Tim Mcgraw says:

The Progressive Era is a failure.

gattivsward1 says:

All these damn protectionists Trump has created. If i wanna buy something from someone in another country, that's my right to exchange with whoever i want. I'm not here to support unproductive, uncompetetive businesses. Businesses are here to serve me, not the other way around

Marko Manojlovic says:

Unions are not a government entity. It is libertarian as thomas Jefferson. He says unions and minimum wage are making jobs leave. If corporations paid and treated the workers right unions wouldn't have to band the workers together to fight for their rights.

Tsar Marklovski says:

"More jobs programs then we had in 1930s" lol why do democrats always use useless information like these? Of course theres more jobs programs because of population increase. Thats like saying more people own guns than in 1780. Obviously cuz theres a higher population.

Konaalii Alohaohana says:


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