Buffett: The U.S. economy is ‘softer than people think?

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Warren Buffett says the U.S. economy is not weak, but it is softer than many people believe. He also says the country needs to do a better job distributing its vast wealth across the population.


Sirius Fox says:

Amworks, hey I watched house of Cards too!

HeliOs AsclepiUs says:

Deluded old prick he is..America is on the precipice of collapse..The system works well for the 1%.

DieJungherr says:

Saint Warren has been adored for far too long.

Andre Westbrook says:

There is an unanswered question hanging over this interview: if wealth is not redistributed under Trump what will the 40 hour working week Americans do in 2020?

Aaron Pray says:

Markets will be a blood bath in December from fed rate hike.

kevin mirallas says:


red Buoy says:

'Capitalize value of an idea."

This guy is so smart, and unlike the president-elect, he hasn't even robbed or tricked anyone to generate his wealth.The struggle is no longer 'black' versus 'white', 'Democrat' versus 'Republican' or 'men' versus 'women'- it's 'smart' versus 'stupid'. If you aren't smart enough to get into a good University you are left behind. The irony is that those left behind, through no fault of their own, predominantly live in the 'rust belt'. And, even worse, this unnatural concentration of innocent stupidity means a psychopath like Trump can easily trick them into thinking he has the answers.

Joshua Moonshine says:

so hes basically saying if the minimum wage goes up then the government needs to pay the extra in turn it will come from taxes and then the taxes on the poor will go up, but the rich once again will pay the least…. still sharp… to bad everyone is waking up the the game so its not to far off where the rich will finance the revolution to distract the wage earner……. thats when i will like to see the wage earner see that trap and…… off with there heads, dark period, then new system. hope it doesn't last to long

blake Brewer says:

I can tell you from experience that the economy is in the shit hole

Dive Bar Casanova says:

This clown picks good stocks and suddenly he's a brain surgeon, could easily win the Indy 500, could single highhandedly build and pull off the Mars landing.
Why not just get someone at the track that picks good horses?

Astavakra says:

Lekker belangerijk wat die lopende lijk denkt!

Nathan Rothschild says:

jewish banker

Pedro Santos says:

86 years old and is still a sharp

ice_hawk10 says:

his analogy with the IQ was bang on. the differences in ability are not much different than they were 200 years ago. the difference is how the economy rewards them.

and yes! he is bang on with the earned income tax credit. like Milton Friedman's negative income tax, you need a system that gives people what they need but doesn't remove incentive to work and move up.

Starky513 says:

Everyone should listen to this man.. Truly a Genius.

CdwNHD says:

And that last line is why The Donald got elected !!

hi12349 says:

He knows the market is overvalued, he has a simple method for calculating this, google 'Buffett indicator'. Don't be fooled when he says even if he knew there was a recession he'd be buying the same stocks, this statement is true however he isn't buying your everyday stocks he is purchasing stocks in extremely undervalued industries. He's a decent guy but he understands his influence, if he were to scare everyone and say the market is overvalued and recession incoming it might panic some people.

william themens says:

watch as he does and not as he says

Tim O'Brien says:

Since WWI, every time the Republicans have controlled all of Congress and the Presidency (1919-1933, 2003-2006) the US economy has not just had a recession, but a massive economic collapse. The US government serves the people best when there are two opposed, cooperating parties.

wijaya47 says:

He said the economy is getting more "specialized". While this is kind of true, he should have said "Monopolized".

Also, he ALMOST stated the correct answer. Forget the wage laws or tax credits. We need a Universal Basic Income.

Sam Smith says:

I wish I had access to this guy to ask him all my personal investing questions

Darth nataS says:

Great interview.

Ellismichael Jr80 says:

I bet he's a great grandparent and dad. just seems real and down too earth

Candace Kieper says:

and havent heard about an earned income credit from the republicans ever

Candace Kieper says:

trump will favor the elite wealthy his tax plan already dictates it

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